Posted by: ihlos | September 22, 2008

Getting There

Well, its taken me almost a month, but i’ve got the majority of the information pages complete. There are still a few peices here and there that need fixing up, and the pets page still needs to be updated with all the wrath pets, but the bulk of things are in place.

There has been a hodge-podge of undocumented changes in the last two builds, so I thought I would highlight some of them.

-Recently we saw alot of the cooldowns for tenacity pet family moves get reduced. Most notably was the Worm’s acid spit, the Gorillas thunderstomp, and the turtle’s Shell Sheild. This made these moves alot more useful, as their cooldown’s were somewhat prohibitive.

-On the negative side, base agility was absolutely slashed. I have yet to test it’s affect on dodge chance, but frankly our pet’s needed more mitigation, not less. Oh well. Lets hope it was a mistake.

-I’ve tested the new Grace of the Mantis effect, and let me tell you, it greatly reduces critical strike hits, which was much needed to help pets survive in instances. It doesnt eliminate criticals but it does greatly reduce them, making it less scary. For more info check out the stats page.

-Also, the hunter’s contribution to the pets stamina was increased from 30% to 45%, which is phenomenal. This will greatly improve our pet’s scaling in the endgame, extending the range of content in which they will be viable tanks. The great part is the way this stamina boost fits into the formula. Both Endurance training and the family stamina modifier apply to the hunters contribution, multiplicatively. This means that for every 100 stamina the hunter has, the pet actually gets 54, if you have endurance training. So the true hunter scaling is actually 54%!!!

Makes you wonder if pvp gear might be better for pet tanking! Hmmmmm

Let the Hunt begin!



  1. How do you feel about the WotLK tanking gear for Hunters? From what I heard Hunter Itemization isn’t all that great, even more so for new hunters that are going to go in at 68 without having any tier gear.

  2. For the most part, you’re going to want to just get normal hunter gear, and maybe you focus on high stam peices, even pvp gear.

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