Posted by: ihlos | September 23, 2008

Turtle Testing

Yesterday, after some vigorous testing of pet stats, I decided to try my hand at an experiment I tried when they first implemented the tenacity tree.

I had taken my bear into Utegard Keep to face the first two elites, to see how my new tenacity tree would fare in an instance. The experiment wasn’t exactly perfect, as I didn’t have a healer, and as such I would have liked to only face one mob, which would have been more like offtanking some trash.

So what has changed? Well, for one, I’m using my turtle pet now. He’s 70, the same level as the mob, and he has a new and improved Shell Shield. Also, there have been improvements to the tenacity tree, namely a better BotR and GotM, improved Spirit Bond, and better Stamina Scaling. I would still prefer one mob, but a series of ice traps and some clever use of misdirect and its almost as if the second one isn’t there.

After several attempts, I accepted that mend pet alone couldnt keep my pet up, even with shell sheild, intimidation, and last stand. Not long enough for me to kill the mob anyway. I did make more progress than I had with my bear the first time, alot more. I had come very close to killing the mob outright, whereas the bear had taken a real beating.

I did run out of mana quite quickly though, I hope that’s still getting looked at.

So, why am I so encouraged by this little failure of an experiment? The turtle performed three times better than the bear had in the past. Shortly after I had attemted the mobs with my bear, I had decided to get a group for the same instance. With a dedicated druid healer, the bear didnt even think about dying, offtanking one mob at a time, here and there throughout the instance. Just imagine how well our pets will do with all the improvements…

I’ll be attempting to get another UK group to complete the comparison.

Let the Hunt begin!



  1. I am afraid I can’t see myself ditching my rhino for a different tank pet, although I have heard great things about others =P

  2. And I wouldn’t want you to =). I’ll be keeping a few tenacity pets, and a Rhino will definitely be one of them. Nothing says tanking like a furry, bus-sized rhinocerous.

  3. There are so many nice tanking pets, I just don’t know how I’m going to choose.

    For soloing getting a thunder stomping Gorilla feels like a good idea. Have you been tanking any instances seriously with a group? What tank do you feel is best in such a situation?

  4. If survival isnt an issue, then a gorilla or a bear makes good sense for threat, or a worm for its buff. If survival is an issue, a turtle is best.

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  6. […] a special thanks to pike, for my first comment, and to everyone included me in their blog rolls early on, especially […]

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