Posted by: ihlos | September 25, 2008

Turtle Testing – Part 2

As promised, I ran Utgarde Keep with my turtle. I tried not to repeat my mistake of bringing a paladin tank, but at the last second my dps paladin announced he was protection, and that he wanted to tank in place of the Death Knight.

Aggro is extremely hard to pull off of a paladin, but I did get a few chances to give offtanking a whirl. It went very well. This time I had a priest healer, (last time was a druid) and he commented on how little healing the pet needed. I rarely needed Shell Shield, but I could have used more aggro in this particular situation. For five man off tanking, I wouldn’t deem the turtle’s extra survivability indispensable. If attempting to main tank a five-man, threat will definitely be an issue.

-Tanking is going to take some getting used to!
-Roar of Sacrifice is absorbing all damage, not 30%
-Roar of Sacrifice is going to need a macro, you have to target the player you want it cast on. Very clunky and awkward.
-I have a nasty habit of automatically sending my pet in when I attack. When doing damage to a target that is not my tanking target, I have to be careful not to switch my pet’s target. Check your macros for pet attack commands that will unintentionally switch your pet target.
-When first tackling any kind of pet tanking, get a group of friends who know what you are trying to accomplish, and get everyone on a vent channel if you can.
-Advance communication is necessary. Most people don’t know your pet can tank, so let your intentions be known ahead of time.

All in all, i’m very pleased with the pet’s performance, and I am optimistic concerning offtanking in raids, but only time will tell!

Let the Hunt begin!



  1. Ah, the partly answers my previous question. I’m glad to see that this experience in pet tanking went well.

    “Most people don’t know your pet can tank, so let your intentions be known ahead of time.”

    This is actually something I’ve thought about a lot. Do you have a hard time getting people to think that your pet can tank? I know most of us hunters and such keep up to date with WotLK news, but the majority of WoW players aren’t really looking into WotLK outside of WoW’s official website. Do you think it will be difficult to get players to take hunter tanking as a serious and viable option?

  2. So far, in the beta, it hasn’t been hard at all. Everyone is open to trying anything.

    My guild has also been pretty open to the idea, although we have never been snobbish about specs or anything.

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