Posted by: ihlos | September 29, 2008

Defensive Buffs

We are all familiar with the buffs that enhance our dps capabilities, as these are preferred over other lame buffs. Who wants Blessing of Light when you can have Blessing of Kings?

Now, however, we want to consider what buffs we want for our pets, and not so they can dps, but so they can tank. That’s why I’ve added a new section in the tanking page to list the buffs that will enhance the pet’s defensive capabilities.

Link to new Defensive Buffs section.

Let the Hunt begin!



  1. If you have Horn of Winter, you might as well have Strength of Earth (Shaman).

  2. I had thought about that, but it’s really the agility in Horn of Winter that makes it such a great buff for the pet. The strength is just the icing on the cake.

    155 Agility equates to 6.2% dodge against a mob of the same level. Considering Catlike reflexes is 3 talent points for 9% dodge, that’s one valuable buff!

    Not only that, but there are limited ways to get agility for your pet, so its good that Horn of winter is a base skill, and it doesn’t lock out any other buffs, so you’ll be sure to have it if you have a Death Knight in your party.

    Obviously, if you have two shamans, Strength of Earth will benefit your pet’s damage and threat, so don’t turn it down =).

  3. You did see the change to that totem, it is both Str and Agi now. The numbers are almost the exact same as that of the horn. I was talking purely for the Strength of earths AGI bonus as to why it should be included on this list.

    What i am not sure on is if those two count as the same totem type. If so i’m not entirely sure if i would want the armor or the dodge/threat.

  4. I totally missed that change! The funny thing is, I was wondering where the agility buff from the Air totem went, now I know!

    I believe both are Earth totems, so you would need two shamans to get both. I’ll have to do some analysis to see which totem would be preferable.

    Thanks for the tip!

  5. Hmmm

    They are close enough that the spreadsheet has them coming out as Stoneskin is a ~%0.5 more Total Damage Reduction.

    Without other buffs it looks like the Stoneskin is a 2% damage reduction and the Strength of earth is a 1.5% damage reduction.

    Hmm more pondering to do.

  6. The other thing to consider is whether or not your group is going to be willing to give up the str/agi for armor.

  7. I’m glad I read the comments. I’m like that change to Strength of Earth. =)

  8. BoSanc also helps with pet threat generation on live since they do block. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it will be nearly as useful (other than the damage reduction, which is ALWAYS great) for pets come 3.0–Recount TREATS Focus like Energy, but I’m not sure BoSanc’s restoration proc will apply to hunter pets.

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