Posted by: ihlos | October 9, 2008

Focus Management

Focus management hasn’t really been much of an issue up until now. In most cases, you flip on your focus dump, and thats that. Turn off growl in the instances and flip it back on when you leave. Raiders with windserpents got crazy with macros for lightning breath. But in all cases, it was fire-and-forget.

Now we have several pet moves for each pet. Some are situational, but others, like growl and swipe, need to be on when they can be, to generate extra threat. Growl by itself wont drain your focus, but a focus dump will. So you may find yourself in a situation where you need to cast Invervene but you don’t have the needed focus. If you can anticipate the need, you can turn off your autocasts in advance. To simplify this action, use a macro:

/petautocasttoggle Swipe
/petautocasttoggle Growl

Sometimes, you don’t have the luxury of advance warning. You click Intervene, but you don’t have the focus. Then you have to turn off your autocasts, hoping to get them before they eat up your precious focus, and then recast Intervene. Or you could make a Intervene panic button like so:

/petautocastoff Swipe
/petautocastoff Growl
/cast [target=targettarget] Intervene

This would automatically shut down your focus dumps. You hit the button, and if you dont have the focus, you get an error, and you click again when you do have enough focus. When all is safe, you can use your toggle button to reactivate your focus dumps.

Let the Hunt begin!



  1. I didn’t think Roar of Sacrifice had a focus cost anymore. None of the top-tier pet talents do, so far as I know.

    Mind you, your macro is still useful with other abilities. :>

  2. Good call! I’ve been using that as my default example for everything! I’ll change the example to intervene =)

    Nice catch!

  3. BRK has come up with some Rhino apparel!

  4. I can wants a rhino gears!

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