Posted by: ihlos | October 11, 2008

Swipe, Stampede, and Rhino Stats

 I’ve noticed a few questions floating around on the various forums i visit, so I thought I’d pull together a few of them that I’ve looked into.

Does a bear’s swipe have a directional limit?  Yes, from my testing it appears to be a 180 degree radius. This can cause it to miss targets behind the bear. To avoid this, retract the pet using follow and then set it to attack again. If you have glitchy mobs, you might want to retract the pet for a second, tell it to ‘stay’, and then once the mobs have settled, set it to attack again.

Does the Rhino’s stampede knock mobs off cliffs?  Yes and no. It will knock a mob off a cliff, but most mobs can ‘climb’ extremely steep cliffs. I tried to knock a mob off of the edge of the world in zangarmarsh, but the ‘cliff’ side isn’t steep enough for the mob to fall off. It just falls pretty far down and then comes back up. A player wouldn’t survive it, but I had no one to test it on. I also knocked mobs off of the mushroom bridge in zangar and the bridges in netherstorm. They didnt fall, they just dissapeared through the floor of the bridge, got stuck in the bridge for a sec, then fell. I had wanted to try the bridge in Alterac Valley, but no one was queued up. One thing I did learn from knocking the mobs of the bridge… it will be tough to knock a player off, simply because you gotta line the pet up and get the angle right. It won’t be overpowered due to this difficulty combined with the 1 min cooldown.

Does the Rhino have inferior stats? Yes. I compared a warp-stalker of the same level to my rhino, and although they both had the same talents, the rhino had 3.30% less average damage, and 3.31% less armor (values are rounded). All other stats that are reported in the stat window are identical. Hopefully these are the only values that are deficient, and hopefully they will be fixed before the expansion.

Let the Hunt begin!



  1. Wait a minute…how can the warp-stalker do more damage than the rhino. I thought all the pets of a certain family (tenacity, ferocity etc etc) had the same basic “stats”. Meaning for tenacity they would be HP:15% AR:10% and DPS:0%. So a rhino should do the same white damage as a warp-stalker. Yes? I’m not talking about special abilities damage. Just the basic “white” damage through their focus dump and regular hits.

    At least that’s how I thought it was suppose to be.

  2. That is how its supposed to be, yes. I picked the warp stalker to compare, but as i can tell, all other pets don’t have this problem. The rhino alone has inferior stats.

    All pets (except the rhino) have the same base stats. Then there are the family modifiers, and hunter stat scaling, and then talents.

    They need to fix these inferior stats asap!

  3. […] Big Red Rhino has a short FAQ answering some common Tenacity pet questions on Swipe, Stampede, and Rhino Stats. […]

  4. […] Big Red Rhino talks about rhino pet stats and skills […]

  5. Patch 3.0.2 is hitting tomorrow and I’ll be a 61 Draenei hunter. Is it feasible for me to spec both myself and my pet(Gorilla most likely) and tank some Blood Furnace? I wonder.

  6. Of course it will! I think also that a gorilla would make a good choice for blood furnace. It will be difficult, and you may find yourself really missing things like misdirect, but i would love to hear how it goes! Whatever you do tank, be sure to submit it as a feat! (provided it follows the criteria 😉 )

  7. I will be the main tank for a group of hunters from my guild. We plan on taking on Ramps and BF to check how things work. Can we get by without a main healer? That is the question.

    I am main tank because I am the only one with the T5 bonus.

    Oh and Fel Reaver, you’ve been put on notice. You are going down!

  8. I look forward to hearing from you on how that goes. I think if you guys are all at the level cap it will be fine, but bosses might get a little dicey. Best of luck!

  9. hi i tamed the razza almost as soon as i could on nagrand i think i may of been first to capture him it was tuff as he ports you to the middle and ganking is always nuts and time consuming died alot also .. and epic capture 😉

  10. me pet tanked a fel reaver pvp gear and i had a heals from holy preist it was fun so me plus one preist not to super human but was close

  11. and werst thing was after capturing the razza blood y name changed to chimera or something as with my king b he kept name ? i think was long time ago nvm great lil site good hunting

  12. Sounds like youre having alot of fun! =)

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