Posted by: ihlos | October 13, 2008

Big news

First of all, patch 3.0.2 is very likely due out tommorrow, which means that the wonderful new pet talent system that this site is focused on will be going live! The tenacity pets will be official, along with all the other exciting pet changes. And of course, this also will mean the commencement of the pet feats page! So as you take on new content with your shiny new tenacity pet, don’t forget to jot down the info and some notes to share with the community!

Of course, we were already anticipating the patch sometime soon, so while it excites me, what I’m really happy about is what was announced at Blizzcon. During the Raid and Dungeons Panel, blizzard has this to say:

Hunters should be able to off-tank with a defense-speced pet but aren’t meant to main tank anything with it. -Source

In the past, Ghostcrawler let us know they had aspirations of our pets main-tanking 5mans, but said nothing of raid content. I think most of us knew pets wouldn’t be able to compete as a main tank in raids, but I know I had aspirations for off-tanking raid content. It’s great to see that this is blizzard’s official position. It lends credibility to the pet-tank, and should our pets struggle with the content, we can reasonably hope to see a buff! 🙂 It’s a good week for Tenacity pets!

Let the Hunt begin!



  1. Everyone keeps saying they’ll be able to tank 5-mans….but what about heroic 5-mans? Think this will be possible?

  2. 70 heroics? Yes. 80 Heroics? Not sure. It may be possible once we have 80 epics, and we are ‘running daily heroics for badges’.

    If heroics are anything like they are now, it will be a challenge to be sure. If attempting it, do it with a group of skilled friends, and make sure you’ve got voice chat.

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