Posted by: ihlos | October 14, 2008

Tenacity Pets go live

 Today is the day! Tenacity pets will be official once the servers go up. So if you plan on tanking those dungeons, but you havent yet checked out the ‘Feats’ page, I would encourage you to do so. Ideally we can get a healthy amount of outlands content tanked and recorded before the expansion hits and we all move on to northrend content.

On a different note, I am like many hunters very conflicted in my decisions about my choices concerning my five pets. Some choices are easy, like keeping Ehru, the black bear I got in Loch Modan at level 10 and has been with me ever since. Also, I feel pretty strongly about keeping one slot open for testing purposes, not only for this site, but also just to pick up a temporary pet for a special purpose, like a buff/debuff for a raid.

No matter who you are though, at least some of your decisions are very difficult. You can’t decide what pets to get, and the decision is made all the more difficult by having to get rid of pets you love if you want to make room. It can be agony. Some pets fall into the grey area. Maybe you picked them up at 70, or they sat in your stables until you had time to level them. You want to get a new pet but you are loathe to let the old one go. In this situation, perhaps the following consideration will help you make the decision:

 I have been playing wow since day one, and a hunter for most of that time, and there has never been such a complete overhaul of the pet system as there is in this patch. Never before have so many pets been viable choices. Never have we had such an array of options before us. So, I see this patch as a new begining for us and our pets, a whole new game even. Part of the difficulty in abandoning a pet, for me, is feeling like im abandoning an old friend who is no longer useful to me. But now I feel like i’m turning the page on a chapter in my character’s story. The pets that have been my companions in this chapter will be remembered with fondness, not regret. Now is the time to set out on new adventures, find new companions, and to forge new friendships.

Let the Hunt begin!



  1. In my opinion, this is where the hunter finally get’s it’s overhaul.

    If you remember, the hunter class only went in on the beta of the original game like a month before the game was released. It wasn’t fully tested yet and I always felt things were patched and pasted on the class to “fix” it. But with this new patch, I think the hunter finally…FINALLY…get’s fixed.

    I know some hunters will disagree with me on that and feel that much was nerfed. But I think overall it’s a win for hunters!

  2. I agree. Sure, pvp is still ‘broken’. But pve is just fine, and now we have this wonderful new option of pet tanking. Its kinda like when they buffed the hybrid classes to actually be viable healers and tanks…sure our pets could always ‘tank’, but now it will actually be a viable option.

  3. I definitely will be keeping my pets. I have a level 28ish cat in the stables that I haven’t used since I got an RFK Boar and I don’t think I could ever bring myself to abandon wither of them. Not to mention the cat is one of those Springpaws from the Blood Elf area that I death ran for after I hit level ten. 🙂

    I really should bring him out again…

  4. Thats how I feel about Ehru, my bear. He was my first pet, and the bond is too strong. I did abandon my windserpent, which I got well after hitting 70. I love windserpents, and he was great, but im definately going in a tenacity direction =) I may not even have any permanent cunning or ferocity pets.

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