Posted by: ihlos | October 15, 2008

Ask a Rhino: Roar of Sacrifice

 This is the first installment of “Ask a Rhino”, Where we ask questions of my pet rhino, Ohta. Don’t let that dumb look on his face fool you, this furry, bus-sized monster knows a thing or two! And now, without ventriloquism or further ado, we begin.

Mr. Ohta Rhino sir, will my tenacity pet die if I use Roar of Sacrifice against a heavy hitting target?

Ohta: Well, friends, I suppose that depends on how hard your target is hitting you, doesn’t it? Since Roar of Sacrifice no longer has a cap to the damage it can deal to your pet, if the damage is indeed great enough, your pet will most surely die! Let’s take a look at this, shall we?

If your pet has 10,000 hit points, as is normal for my tenacity pet brethren at level 70, then your target would have to deal 33,333 damage in 12 seconds in order to kill your pet. We shall assume your pet receives no outside healing for simplicity’s sake.

But let’s say your pet was a sturdy turtle, and you used Shell Shield in concert with RoS. Then the amount would be doubled to 66,666 damage! Let us also consider that as a conscientious master you have mend pet ticking. It should get about three meaningful ticks in, resulting in an additional 2,100 healing, with SB and BotR, which is doubled due to Shell Shield. Add this to the previous total, and you get 70,866.

So, in order to kill your (70) turtle, the target would need to do 5,900 dps for 12 seconds. Other tenacity pets would survive about 3,000 dps for 12 seconds. Oh and if your pet is receiving extra healing, Last Stand will give your healer some breathing room if necessary.

Thanks for asking,


Let the Hunt begin!



  1. […] at Big Red Rhino has introduced a new advice column called Ask a Rhino. This first question is about Roar of Sacrifice. I love the idea of a rhino-written advice column […]

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