Posted by: ihlos | October 16, 2008

Pet Feat: Hellfire Ramparts (S)

Our first pet feat submission comes to us from Jayson. Be sure to chronicle and submit your own pet tanking exploits, submission info is on the Feats page.

Who: Jayson of Lightninghoof (70)
Pet: Unnamed (70 Scorpion)
Group: Solo

Details: First run solo with my new tenacity pet. Soloed the whole instance no deaths. Defeated both bosses. No outside buffs either. Just strictly Hunter stuff here. Spec was: BM 45 MM 16. Im in all epics From Kara or pvp (no T5 bonus).

Comments: My first bit of advice is that being a Hunter you dont have to kill every pull if there was an oppurtinity for me to run through a pull and FD on the other side I would take it. ( dismiss my pet first of course )

Always have a trap at your feet for every pull. My Scorpid had no problems tanking three 61 elites, but healing him i would get agro off the extra mobs. Not a problem, FD continue to heal and dps, but keep the trap down it will save you if you pull agro again before your FD CD is up.

Happiness is a thing of the past so I would sacrifice my pet numerous times if i felt like i pulled to much for him to tank. I would dps as much as i could with out healing my pet ( to keep agro off myself ) trying to kill a few off before my pet died then FD. You can easily make it through a group of six elites that way. No damage to your self and your pet gets happiness from growl so it doesnt cost you anything.

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
-Raistiff of Steamwheedle Cartel (70), with Tank (70 Gorilla) Tank tanked the enitre instance without any problems or deaths. This was my first attempt at a solo run thru Ramparts(my second time there ever). Key was making sure he would Thunderstomp on any single mobs left to keep that threat up.

-Babbao of Draenor (70), and Babbaon (68 Gorilla) Honestly, there isn’t much to say. Used MD every pull. Still had to FD often. Drank lots of water so I didn’t have to sacrifice my dps for AoV. Babbaon died three times because I didn’t pay attention to his health a few times. Over all, it was not much of a challenge.
I have one piece of T6, all of the badge gear, and other epics.

-Lehnis of Lightbringer (70), and Gorilladin (68 Gorilla) Single mobs in the instance are very easy, but due to mob hp I found myself burning down single targets quickly instead of using volley (except on wolves, volley is great then). I’m mostly geared in T4 / Badge gear, no T5 bonus or anything.
No problems with the first boss. Only “problem” was that for some reason my pet stopped attacking the 2nd boss (demon) so I pretty much had to burn him down and use health pots on myself from his shadow attack. When you fight the drake, be sure to keep the pet out of those fires! Hehe.

-Natasza of BoulderFist (70), and Miedwied (70 Bear)  Tactics almost the same as with Freia(cat). Avoid mobs kill bosses. My build change now it is 49/12 with GftT. THis skill is essencial for pets. Without it they are almost all time hungry for focus. Dungeon was solo without problem.

-Rhokkan of Kirin Tor (70), with Gorilla (70 Unnamed Gorilla) 60 Prot pally (currently powerleveling my gf :D). My first try, no idea wether we could pull it off duo or not because I don’t have any T5, my best piece of gear were some crafted gear and merciless shoulders, rest were quest gear and some greens :/ Overall wasnt too difficult, thrash mobs were harder than bosses lol no joke, at one point my gf asked if he is even taking damage. Gorilla held aggro like a champ. BF and SH next. hopefully will MT some heroic instances with better gear & skill.



  1. Interesting…so where is the line for tanking instances your are too high level for? I assume their will be no feats for 70’s running through Deadmines.

  2. In general, i will use the instances-by-level-guide on wowwiki. However, since so many are 70s now, there will be some wiggle room for outlands content. A full group of 70s taking on Ramps would be the absolute edge of ‘too easy’. I want to record what happens from now till the expac. Once we move into outlands content, the level requirements will be more exact, with only a level, maybe two, of wiggle room.

    Side note: The phrase “line in the sand” has a very interesting story behind it, for those who like that kind of stuff.

  3. I believe the cut off is outland instances until the xpac comes out and people move up in levels. So far im finding it easier and easier to tank more mobsat one time (than and im now using a Gorilla). Still getting used to all the new stuff.

  4. Jayson, right! of course if your hunter isnt 70 yet, it would be great to hear of some azeroth content too!

    I may hop on a long abandoned hunter alt and do up some deadmines or something.

  5. I spent quite a large amount of time yesterday camping Uhk’loc, but I finally got him about eight hours later. I look forward to leveling him up and trying out tanking Ramparts with a regular group.

  6. Also solo tanked Ramparts (21/10/08):

    Tunza, 70 Hunter Khaz’goroth (48/13/0)
    Womp, 70 Gorilla

    Had some early trouble with pulling multiple groups (first attempt at solo tanking a 5 man) but once I got used to my pet limitations it was very easy. No T5 bonus and mostly T4 quality gear. Fingers crossed they don’t nerf volley 😉

  7. I think that a level 70 hunter soloing ramps belongs in the “too easy” category. I did it with a carrion bird before the 3.0 patch in Kara/Badge gear with a few pet deaths and one player death. With a 3.0 tanking pet it should be cake.

  8. It could be argued that ramparts is on the easy side of the line, but for simplicity’s sake, I thought it would be better to simply draw the line at ‘outlands content’.

    Again, once we move into wrath, the level requirement will be tightened up, but will also naturally fall into line.

  9. My Uhk’loc just dinged 70 today. The Talbuks just outside Garadar in Nagrand are great for lvlling Gorillas.
    I went into Ramparts to try it out thinking with my casual player gear it would prove impossible. I have some greens and even a couple of lvl 60 epics. But everything went like a clockwork. I had to feign death a few times only and my gorilla died a few times as well. No corpse-run 🙂
    I made a movie of the Omor fight.
    I didn’t try the last boss as I remember that fight as pretty hard and I was tired. Does this count as a feat? 🙂

    Miss, 70, 56/5/0.
    Gorilla, 70.

    Here is my armory, so you can laugh at my gear 🙂

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