Posted by: ihlos | October 16, 2008

Pet Feat: Old Hillsbrad (MT)

Our next pet feat comes to us from Durante. I’m glad to see the submissions start to roll in, so keep em coming, and remember the first person to submit will be featured in the article, but don’t hesitate to send in duplicate submissions, and they will be appended to the post!

Who: Durante of Hydraxis (70)
Pet: Bubbles (70 Gorilla)
69 Enhance Shaman
70 MM Hunter
70 Fury Warrior
70 Resto Druid

Details: I main tanked the entire instance. My gear is a combination of T6 and pvp gear for stam, with two piece T5. The warrior and hunter were in S2 merc. gear, and the shaman and druid were in quests blues and greens. The run was extremely easy. The healer mostly healed the group when dps pulled adds and light healing on my pet during bosses. With the two piece T5 I did about 1/3 of the total healing.

Comments: As far as advice, make sure the group knows not to attack until they see that the thunderstomp goes off, and if mobs in the same pull start off a little spread out, turn thunderstomp off autocast until they run over to the gorilla and then turn it back on. Sometimes it can go off while mobs are still out of range and then the group will likely pull aggro while the cooldown is still ticking.

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
-Nordh of The Maelstrom (69), with Torlak (69 Gorilla) Grouped with a 66 Death Knight (unholy), 66 Druid (feral dps), 67 Shaman (elemental, healer), 67 Paladin (Ret). Fairly straightforward instance. No big deal. Since I was 2-3 levels over the others aggro was never a problem, even though the paladin tried to overaggro my gorilla. Not sure if he ever understood it was the pet that was supposed to do the tanking šŸ˜‰ He wasn’t very clever.



  1. Dang, all these people getting feats…I must speed it up!

  2. The ramps one is a solo at 70, if you submit a lower level group feat for ramps, that would be a different feat category, and get its own post. I know you had mentioned doing ramps.

  3. “My gear is a combination of T6 and pvp gear for stam, with two piece T6.”

    The second T6 should be T5, probably a typo on my part.

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