Posted by: ihlos | October 17, 2008

Pet Feat: Black Morass – Heroic (MT)

Who: Durante of Hydraxis (70)
Pet: Bubbles (70 Gorilla)
70 BM Hunter
70 Destro Warlock
70 Ret Pally
70 Ret Pally in healing gear

Details: Main tanked entire instance, Gear unchanged from previous posts. The warlock kept out his imp for the health buff, but neither tank had kings, so my pet stayed around 11k health with a Sporeling Snack and me eating Spicy Crawdad. One pally put up ret aura which gave a nice boost to pet threat.

Comments: After being unable to find a healer for our group, our ret pally offered to put on his healing gear and give it a shot. I invited the other ret pallly from my guild to fill the fifth spot and off we went. I positioned my pet near the portals so that he’d aggro most of the adds with thunderstomp, and then had the ret pally kill them. The gorilla was unable to hold aggro on the adds obviously, but did hold them for about half of their life before the pally pulled aggro. The only time that things looked really bad was during Aeonus during the Stop Time two second stun. Pallys don’t have any HoT spells, and as a ret pally he had no instant cast heals. During one Stop Time, this stun started while my pet was at 60% health and the pally was halfway through a heal. By the time the stun wore off and he’d completed his heal by pet was at only a few hundred health. Definately keep mend pet up at all times.

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