Posted by: ihlos | October 17, 2008

Pet Feat: Karazhan (MT)

You can has a karazhan tanking pet?

Who: Durante of Hydraxis (70)
Pet: Bubbles (70 Gorilla)
70 Holy Pally
70 Ret Pally
70 Prot Pally
70 Enhance Shaman
70 BM hunter
70 Shadow Priest
70 Arms Warrior
70 Combat Rogue
70 Resto Druid

Details: Tanked Nightmare, Moroes, Maiden, some of Romulo and Julianne, one ground phase of Nightbane, and Curator. Others group members gear ranged from quest greens to T5. My gear was unchanged from todays other runs. With Fortitude, Mark of the Wild, Blessing of Kings and Sporeling Snacks I was able to get Bubbles above 14k HP.

Comments: After tanking some of the trash on the way to Attumen, my raid agreed to let me tank Nightmare. It went so well that I was able to convince them to let me tank Moroes while the prot pally tanked all the adds. After I told them about this site, they decided to let me tank most of the bosses from then on.

Next was Maiden which Bubbles tanked without incident. She died before the first Repentance but Bubbles almost certainly would have been able to stay up with a Mend Pet and druid HoTs.

During Romulo and Julianne the pally tank started getting a bit bored and frequently pulled aggro from Bubbles, and although it went back and forth quite a bit, the gorilla’s threat just wasn’t enough to hold aggro over the prot pally so i was only able to tank about a third of the fight.

For Nightbane I started the fight using Eyes of the Beast before he landed, to grab him quickly and manuever him correctly. After I had him in place everything went well until the enhancement shaman pulled aggro just before the end of the first ground phase and I was killed in a fire breath. The pally tank was able to control him and finish the fight, preventing a wipe. I bought a Glyph of Possessed Strength after the raid to improve my pet’s aggro while using Eyes of the Beast for these types of fights.

Finally Bubbles tanked Curator until about the last 20% or so when the bored pally tank pulled aggro, but the soft enrage would have been no problem at all for the gorilla. Aran cannot be tanked and thats where we stopped for the night, hopefully to continue this weekend.

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
-Clairvoyant of Malfurion (70), with Kong (70 Gorilla) T5 bonus with a mix of T6 and PvP gear, with a couple stamina gems and enchants. Kong and a prot pally split up trash duty. With 2 good aoe tanks the trash went down so fast since we were able to aoe it all. Kong tanked Midnight and Moroes with no problem. The prot pally took the adds, which were all aoe’d
down while Kong built aggro on Moroes. When Moroes returned after the first vanish all the adds were dead and Kong had lots of threat on Moroes. On Maiden we ened up getting lucky that we killed her right when she did the first repentance. She got the repentance off and I had no way to move Kong to break out the healers, but luckilly she died shortly after she cast it. Big Bad Wolf was fine. Nightbane was difficult, I had to position him before he landed and MD to him. He wouldn’t get turned correctly automatically, so I had to use Eyes of the Beast right away to get him turned. Curator was fine.

Prince could’ve been a lot harder, but it was probably the luckiest run I’ve ever been on with infernal spawns. We didn’t have to move Prince or the ranged group the entire fight. Unfortunately Kong died when Prince was around 10% because the healer couldn’t get to him fast enough after a couple crits and I was in Eyes of the Beast building extra threat (using Glyph of Possesed Strength). The whole run was done with only one healer, a shaman, with a shadow priest occasionally throwing a few heals.



  1. I am very impressed. Durante(if you’re out there), do you have any mana issues during any of these tanking sessions? I’m only 61, but all this new gear I’m getting had no mana at all and I’m finding I have to drink after every two or three kills.

  2. I haven’t really had mana problems no, but I would occasionally switch to Aspect of the Viper to refill my mana. My mana does run out fairly quickly, within a minutes or more, but its a simple matter to switch to Aspect of the Viper which refills it quite quickly.

  3. Eh Kara was nerfed so hard we had a pet tank a few bosses while our tank was AFK and wanted to get that stupid place over with (it was a kitty and held aggro over people with about 1.2-1.6k threat and I was impressed)

  4. @Timothy

    There is a great difference between raid and solo.
    I’ve been doing some solo tanking as well and I run out of mana fairly quick. But if your in a raid you offten have buffs that regen your mana, so its much less of a issue then if you where solo.

    Asuming you are, lvl61 ;).

    Impresive Durante.
    I have tanked Mana tombs hereoic the other day, still waiting for Ihlos to upload my screens.

    Atm I use S4 gear+ BM shoulders, T5 legs/head. Last 2 I have enchant with 40 stamina 12 agi and 18stamina + 20 resi and as meta 18 stamina 15% stun resist. All together I have 11K UB on my pet.

    But sometimes I foind my pet aggro abit low :(, guess I should use more pve gear. Hit and AP are the best 2 stats to improve pet aggro right?

    PS: I dare all hunters to solo Auch Crypts, last boss. I got very close to downing him. I will try later today with some buffs (flask/scrolls etc).
    Main problem is your own HP ><.

  5. Hey, i’ve convinced my GM to let me try pet tanking on friday, so i have enough time to level up my pet and respec etc..

    Just wondering.. do you have TS and growl on auto cast or manually click / macro keybind?

    Can i get a link to the pet spec you used at the time?

    Was threat an issue on trash? obviously you’d want some time to allow it to build but… not want to wait on every single pull…

    Will s2 be enough with buffs hp wise for pet?

    Good work 🙂

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