Posted by: ihlos | October 17, 2008

Pet Feat: Slave Pens (S)

Who: Raistiff of Steamwheedle Cartel (70)
Pet: “Tank” (70 Gorilla)
Group: Solo

Details: Second time soloing Slave Pens also my second time in Slave Pens. I was trying to see how quickly I can do a run thru for Mennu and Quagmirran(learned the first time that I’m unable to solo Rokmar, I could not get pet to full health to drop the bleed effect). I avoided all the trash mobs that I was able to and the complete run took only 45 minutes.

Comments: In an attempt to kill as few trash as possible I avoided freeing Naturalist Bite for his Nature resist buff, instead I kept Aspect of the Wild up as much as possible during the fight.

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
-Ryoushi of Quel’Thalas (EU) (70) and Seiyuuki (70 Gorilla) I just killed the mobs needed, and killed ALL of the bosses (Including Rokmar with his bleed ^^) The first boss went fairly easy. The second, Rokmar took me 2 tries. The first try he died of the bleed effect, the second try I kept him fullhealth as much as I could, and once the bleed hit, pop Rapid Fire and an AP trinket to heal him as much as I could with the tier5 bonus. And that way I kept Seiyuuki alive until Rokmar died (and soon after Seiyuuki too) Quagmirran only took me 1 try, without the Naturalist’s bite.

-Thinkinglink of Maelstrom (70), with SKY (70 Uhk’loc Gorilla) I skipped most of the mobs and pat except those unavoidable. for big groups it was a bit dangerous to volley when FD is down. so i single target then down with same kill order you would in a group. netheray first, then healer, casters, lastly melees. I was able to one shot all the bosses. no food buffs, only 2 pc T5 bonus and T6 mix gears. Only time pet died was after 2nd boss went down, couldn’t keep pet up with mend pet through the bleeding without damage healing from the T5 bonus. Last boss i only had Aspect of the Wild up as my only Nature resist. SKY didn’t tank the boss with its back facing me as usual so i had to eat many of the boss’s AOE sludge pukes. wasn’t too much damage on me though considering there’s no healer.


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