Posted by: ihlos | October 20, 2008

Pet Feat: Headless Horseman (MT)

I got a few submissions for this one over the weekend, as people dived into the world event. Honors for the first submission go to Raistiff.

Who: Raistiff of Steamwheedle Cartel (70)
Pet: Tank (70 Gorilla)
70 BM Hunter
70 Prot Pally
70 Holy Priest

Details: I wanted to give Tank a go at tanking the Headless Horseman and my 2 guildies were up for giving it a shot. No problems at all. It was pretty straight forward with the Gorilla. Kept spamming Thunderstomp so it will go often as much as possible and remember to switch to his head when it comes off hehe.

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
Llarn of Scarlet Crusade (70) and Wulfie (70 Gorilla) Grouped with 70 Pally, 3 lvl 70 Warlocks. No T5 bonus. Took direct control of my pet during the first phase using Glyph of Posessed strenght for extra threat. After first phase I pulled him back to avoid the whirling, and picked him back up once he got his head back. Tanked this fight 4 times, and he died 2 of those times. The group also had to scale back their damage in order to not pull. Both times he died I was able to revive, taunt, and resume tanking. The reason he died I believe was too much damage from whirling attacks, plus I am missing a few tanking talents in my spec, as it was made as a primarily soloing spec rather than pet tanking spec.

Halkale of Cenarion Circle (70) and Tankem (69 Bear) Grouped with 3 lvl 70 hunters and a 70 Resto Shaman. So my guild (of the 5 hunter group of doom) Waraxe on Cenarion Circle decided to take Headless Horseman for the daily killing. We all jumped in and killed him several times, with my bear tanking him each time. With my PvP gear on, my pet has 11k Health and almost 15k armor. He needs a good stream of Misdirects to not threat cap the group, but with 3 hunters with Ferocity pets that’s saying a good deal. In addition a level 70 Mage joined us and again we had no issues. We were usually killing the head on the third split.

Zinchh of Cho’gall (70) and db (65 Gorilla) Grouped with 2 lvl 70 Hunters, 2 lvl 70 Rogues, 70 Priest. Tanking Headless Horseman was my first tanking experience. I had just specced out of survival and decided to give BM a try, and then I got invited to a HH group with no tank. I offered to tank, not sure how it would pan out. We had seven summons, and db (Level 65) survived through every kill. I do not have T5 bonus, but I wore a mix of T6 and S4 gear, putting db at 12.5k HP buffed and 11k armor. I do not have “Glyph of Possessed Strength,” but thanks to the second hunter db was good on threat the entire time. Out of seven summons, db only lost agro once to one of the rogues, but intervene patched things up. All in all, I look forward to tanking some more, and leveling db up to 70.

Brevan of Moon Guard (70), and Shim (70 Warp Stalker) Grouped with a 70 Retribution Paladin. Took full healing talents (Spirit Bond for hunter, Blood of the Rhino for pet) and had 2 piece Tier 5 set bonus.  Ret Pally in healing gear for healing purposes only.

Ryoushi of Quel’thalas (EU) (70), and Seiyuuki (70 Gorilla) The group consisted of me, another BM hunter, 2 rogues and a priest. People were looking for a tank for the Headless Horseman, and I decided to give tanking a try with my own Seiyuuki =) I don’t have much PvP gear, so he only had around 10k or 11k HP buffed, and 13.5k armor (I did spec him and myself for tanking)

We started, and I misdirected Seiyuuki. As soon as the Horseman was at him, I popped The Beast Within and Kill Command, and got a good 8k-9k opening aggro with Thunderstomp (I had disabled Smack, because it ate all the focus I needed for Thunderstomp)
With Mend Pet, the tier5 bonus, and some healing from the healer, we didn’t have any trouble on any of the tries, and my pet was well ahead in aggro all the time =)

-Toshimitsu of Jubei’Thos (70), with Khonda (70 Gorilla) Group consisted of myself, a MM Hunter, holy Priest and demonology Warlock. My warlock guildie was using the voidwalker threat bug to tank the first two, after which he let me tank. I specced specially for pet tanking, taking 2/2 Animal Handler and 3/3 Catlike Reflexes. Also had 3/3 Longevity for reduced CD on Thunderstomp, and full healing talents in both mine and pet’s talent trees. No Ferocious inspiration. I also put on stam gear and had taken stam food for Well Fed buff, and I have the two piece T5 bonus. The priest’s Fort buff was a huge help and Khonda had about 11.5k health.

The pull itself was easy, since Khonda is on defensive I Misdirect on him and shoot HH as soon as he lands, and Khonda charges and begins to build threat. I pop Intimidation and Bestial Wrath for extra threat buildup, and Thunderstomp and MD every time it’s off cooldown.The other hunter didn’t seem to be MDing to Khonda, and the warlock didn’t seem to be holding back either. All in all Khonda had no problems holding threat whatsoever. Most of the time I was too busy making sure
he was on top of threat to be using my own special abilities. XD And the priest was surprised that his Renews ticked for about 1.7k on Khonda.



  1. I wonder what the popular specs are for people that are tanking this?

    I’m currently going off the talent build suggested here on BRR, so my talent tree currently looks like this:

    I’m hoping that will get me by. Though at my level, I’m not critting all that much, so I’m considering moving the points in Cobra Strikes and and Invigoration to something else(Kindred Spirits, perhaps?).

  2. You can armory these hunters to learn from their specs and get some ideas 😉

    Some mention that they dont have everything, like catlike reflexes.

  3. Here is my current spec

    and Tanks spec(gorilla)

    and my gear is just PvP pieces and some arena. Ive never instanced until the recent hunter changes wooot.

  4. Current spec (50/11/0):

    Opted for a pt in GftT instead of the extra pet talent points, but this is my first tanking build and made it on the fly.

  5. Here is what I’m doing for pet tanking.

    Gorilla talents

  6. Alright, I’ve settled on this build for now:

    I think it will be a nice balance between tanking and questing.

    I haven’t tanked yet(BF is coming I promise!), but here is a screenshot showing that my gorilla handled soloing the Molten Core Attunment without the Shadowforge key nicely.

    Interesting things of note:

    You can see I just grabbed the core fragment in the chat window and the quest is completed in the corner.

    One of my friends(mother actually!) logging off.

    My terrible UI setup

    And my multiple attempts to try and wave and take a screenshot 🙂

  7. My spec is going to change. I need to spec into Bestial Discipline to give my pets more focus. Until we can get crit high enough (now it is) AND get GFTT, we need BD in my opinion.

    My hunter’s name is Halkale

  8. This is the spec that I’ve been using for Heroics and Kara.

    Hopefully tonight I’ll be tanking ZA, or if I’m terribly good at luring people to almost certain death, tanking Gruul. For these fights the healing done by my T5 bonus will be a significantly smaller percentage and threat will be more important, so I’ll be changing my spec to this:

    It maintains all the pet threat and survivability talents as well as keeping Lethal Shots for symmetry with Cobra Strikes. I’ll also be switching out Taunt for Last Stand.

  9. Good luck in za and gruul. Hope to hear of great sucess!

  10. Hey there

    May I ask what addons you are using currently, ie. in this screendump?


  11. I did this with a 67 Gorilla as 47/14 Beast Mastery spec. Not that hard really, just make sure you have a real healer. Pets can be considered undergeared tanks now, as long as the healer can compensate they’re pretty good.

    As much as I love BM spec (been BM ever since level 10 barring short respecs for my brief experiment with PvP) I’d like to see it changed into a pure tank tree, with Marks and SV as the dps/PvP trees. Pet tanking was a lot of fun, and if Blizz made them as strong as prot warriors/pallies/feral druids for tanking, or else gave different pets different tools to fill in on bossfights, Hunters could become a very strong tank/dps hybrid class.

  12. Just tanked HH 4 times with a 67 gorilla, me playing my hunter (Erwinor), my shammy (Tancameron), my Mage (Tanyya) (yes, I multibox) and my wife on her druid (Nycterlara). My hunter has t4 level raid gear, gemmed for raiding. The only problem we had was a bit of a threat issue when I forgot to pop Beastial Wrath, Intimidation, Kill Command, and MD at the beginning of the first fight. My shammy handled the healing using earth shield and the very rare riptide on Gorilladin and healing wave for the rest of us as needed. All I can say is WOW, I told my wife that I would pay her repair costs if we wiped. Only problem, NO MOUNT 😦

  13. @ orthugg

    I would love for them to convert the bm tree to a tanking focused tree. It would be spectacular.

    Also, if you and Erwinor want to submit these accomplishments, email me the missing details and I’ll post em up top.

  14. My gorilla tanked the HH, with Mend Pet and the help of a healer paladin.

  15. MsTaggert, nice nice, one pala healer and what are your specs then? Pet specs and your BM specs ?


    It’s a 41/20/0 build for me.

    For the gorilla (my boar probably would have worked too), it’s a tanking “build” that I sort of borrowed from other people. I’m not sure how to access it from outside the game yet.

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