Posted by: ihlos | October 20, 2008

Pet Feat: Sethekk Halls (D)

I’ve had some submissions come in over the weekend that I didn’t have time to get to, I’ll be updating the site with those as I can today. Here is the first of them!

Who: Erhnam of Greymane (70)
Pet: Wintermint (70 Gorilla)
Group: 70 Priest

Details: Duo’d Sethic Halls with Wintermint aoe tanking and priest healing. Pet had 13k hps and 14k ac. I’m in T4 and S3-4 pvp gear and so is priest so no T5 bonus.

Comments: Had 1 wipe on first pack with prophets because of bad fears and didn’t burn the prophets down, otherwise smooth sailing and a easy run. First boss was easy enough just had Wintermint grab all the adds and volley’d them down. On last boss was a little more tricky because of poly’s but was able to get pet LOS for the aoe explosion.

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
No additional submission to date



  1. Okay, how does one get their pet to 13K hps? Is it directly related to your gear? I don’t have any “T” gear at all yet as I just reached 70 last Friday and have only done Kara with this hunter one time so far.

  2. Since all pets have the same base stats, every pet will have the same health provided they have the same setup. Things that will vary the health are talents, a hunter’s stamina, and stamina buffs/food.

    To see the exact way they interact, check out the stamina formula on the Pet Stats page.

  3. Yes, I realize about the talent points for both the hunter and the pet itself. I’ve tried to spec myself to be a “tanking hunter”. Taking talents in the Hunter tree as Endurance Training and Thick Hide and the increased healing talents. My Gorilla’s talents are maxed out for both stamina and armor and added healing (Blood of the Rhino).

    I’m only in green and blue armor at the moment myself, but my gorilla only has about 7K health…far short of his 13K health!

  4. He looks like he’s wearing S2-4 gear, which has LOADS of stamina on it and thereby gives the pet a very significant stamina boost. Great stuff for pet tanking. Also with the priest in the group, both he and his pet probably have Fortitude, giving the pet a significant HP buff.

  5. Durante is right, I wore my “HP” gear which is mostly PVP gear and stam trinkets. With talents for both me and pet trees and buffs (priest fort) you can get the stam pretty high.

  6. Pet HP scaling from buffs is huge.

    Currently my tank pet has just over 10K health wihtout any buffs. Now i add the simplist of buffs i.e. a kibbler’s bit and a prayer of fort and the pet with be up over 12k health.

    I’m in S1-S2 gear with stam trinkets. ~730 Stam

  7. Well i went for the pet tanking solely and my pet have 11.5 k unbuffed.
    Came up to 17.5k with all buffs i could get (fort,kings,kibbler,crawdad on me)
    I usually use the 285 armor scroll on pet and a 550 armor pot on me, so the pet have 61% armor.

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