Posted by: ihlos | October 23, 2008

Pet Feat: Blood Furnace (S)

Who: Gishar of Stormreaver (70)
Pet: Henry (70 Gorilla)
Group: Solo

Details: I solo cleared Blood Furnace on normal difficulty. I did not have the tier 5 set bonus or outside buffs. I used some drum buffs occasionally for some bosses and food buffs when I remembered them. My gear is primarily season 1 PVP with some random stuff otherwise.

Comments: If I could give a tip to fellow Gorilladin hunters I would say this: Be sure that if you put your pet on passive to pull a group to you, that you turn him back on defensive once you get them where they need to go. I finally figured out that my Gorilla won’t autocast Thunderstomp on numerous targets if he’s on passive.

Also, I found that I wasn’t using Volley as much as just DPSing down single targets for Cobra Strikes procs coupled with Kill Command. Whenever I had these two up together my Gorilla would Thunderstomp for around 1800 damage.

All in all it was a good run(no deaths) and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Looking forward to a harder instance!

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
-Thinkinglink of Maelstrom (70), with SKY (70 Uhk’loc Gorilla) Solo cleared normal Blood Furnace. Using 2pc T5 and mend pet before pulls, I had no food buff for pet nor myself. Big room pulls with multiple groups, i had SKY put on passive + stay around the corner in the previous area. cast Misdirection on SKY then run in to pull the groups. As they come, i turn SKY back on defensive. If those groups aggro pat or a runner takes off and aggro other groups, it was pretty impossible to keep gorilla alive. overall was really easy. SKY probably could double tank the 2 demon guards, but just as precaution, i freeze trap’d one of them when i misdirect pulled them to pet.


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