Posted by: ihlos | October 23, 2008

Pet Feat: Grull’s Lair (MT)

Another amazing feat from Durante, pushing the envelope of pet tanking. Notice especially the extreme stamina stacking if you wish to replicate.

Who: Durante of Hydraxis (70)
Pet: Bubbles (70 Gorilla)
Group: 22 Man Raid group

Details: 21 various helpers of all different gear qualities, from heroic blues to full BT. Two holy pallys, one holy priest and one resto druid healed. The brave volunteers who came were from a number of different guilds on server, most current or former guildmates. Bubbles held aggro quite admirably, and few people if any needed to hold back their DPS. The prot pally off-tank did have to carefully throttle his threat to not pull aggro but also keep melee from taking hurtful strikes.

Comments: I was careful to get every buff available to my pet that would increase his stamina, including Sporling Snacks, Spicy Crawdad for myself, Unstable Flask of the Bandit, Mark of the Wild, Kings, Fortitude, and Commanding Shout. My gear was mostly full PvP with stamina gems, exceptions being Halbard of Desolation, Crossbow of Relentless Strikes, Angelista’s Revenge, Bloodlust Brooch, Ashtongue Talisman of Swiftness, and T5 gloves and pants for the set bonus. Bracers and boots both had stam enchants and the pants had Nethercleft Leg Armor. Fully buffed in the raid Bubbles had a little over 16,500 HP.

Ihlos: You can see a fraps video of this fight at the following link. Please be advised that there is some adult language in the video.;12128097;/fileinfo.html

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
-Kamaakazy of Ner’zhul (70), with Warfare (70 Gorilla) Fully raid buffed Warfare will have 18.5k health and 21.7k armor. His TPS peaks at about 2.5k and holds steady around 1.5k. With constant misdirects from 1 or more hunters he can easily hold threat over even most T6 DPS. Took on Malugar and Gruul.



  1. awesome, so pvp gear seems to be the best bet, huh?

  2. Yep, High on the two most important factors, Stam and armor. And relatively easy to get.

  3. Hey sub, I will be doing a short write up on gearing asap. Hopefully i’ll get some time this weekend. Things have been busy!

  4. My latest attempt, Tidewalker.

    Communication is key.

  5. awesome ihlos, cant wait for this 🙂

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