Posted by: ihlos | October 26, 2008

Ask a Rhino: Gear, Distraction

This is the second installment of “Ask a Rhino”, Where we ask questions of my pet rhino, Ohta. Don’t let that dumb look on his face fool you, this furry, bus-sized monster knows a thing or two! And now, without ventriloquism or further ado, we begin.

Mr. Ohta Rhino sir, what kind of gear should I be looking for as a hunter to facilitate pet tanking?

Ohta: To know what gear the hunter should focus on, all we must look at is what stats directly benefit the pet. The pet benefits from your gear’s stamina, armor, attack power, hit chance, and resistances. From this we can draw some guidelines:
-No leather, unless no better alternative exists. Plenty of good mail gear exists, so why lose out on the chance for more pet armor?
-Heavy stamina gear. The best buff to your pets survivability available through gear.
-If threat is an issue, throw on some more ap. Remember that crit doesn’t scale to your pet.
-Be hit capped unless it interferes with needed survivability.

At first glance, pvp gear seems to fit the bill well. It doesn’t have hit chance though, and don’t forget it, unless threat isn’t an issue. My suggestion is to keep everything you come across, and mix and match “dps” peices and “survivability” peices as needed. Sub in more AP/hit focused gear if threat is lagging or if tanking is not needed for the fight. Sub in more stamina focused gear if your pet is struggling with survivability.

Don’t underestimate the advantage that heavy stamina gemming and enchanting can be on your pet’s HP. Also, if you really want to have some fun, put together some +resist sets for special boss fights. With avoidance, great resistance, natural pet resistances, and a resist set of gear that is heavy on stamina, your pet is a force to be reckoned with.

Thanks for asking, next question!

Mr. Ohta Rhino sir, your master, Ihlos, has been somewhat distracted from wow lately. Whats going on?

Ohta: Well, that is a little off topic, but i’ll field it nonetheless. My master has been busy with the acquisition of a Mechano-hog, as the engineers say. As promised, here is some photographic evidence.

I will never understand this human obsession with vehicles, *huff*

Thanks for asking,


Let the Hunt begin!



  1. Something else to keep in mind if you’re lucky enough to have the T5 bonus and your pet isn’t taking large damage spikes you may be better off with more DPS gear for more healing than you would be off with a larger health pool.

    As far as the bike, my neighbor’s leg says to stay aware of people coming from your left when sitting at red lights. Also, halloween is next friday and its officially your duty to ride to work in an animal costume.

  2. all right thanks a lot sir, that what i wanted to know 🙂
    good info durante!

  3. Yeah I shoulda mentioned t5 bonus, I was thinking gear in general, but of course t5 is so important, that if they don’t replicate the bonus on 80 gear, we might still be using t5 at 80.


  4. Nice ride! I had nearly the same Shadow for my very first cycle about 8 years ago now. After a few weeks of riding the Shadow I wanted something a bit bigger. These days I ride a monster Star cruiser (a midnight edition roadliner) – they are great!

    I’ll never forget the only time I laid my Shadow on the ground was about 3 or 4 weeks after I got it. I decided to turn around in a driveway that was only gravel. As soon as I slowed down, boom down she went. Scratched up the windshield, the pipes and the turn signal a bit.

    Don’t turn in gravel!!!

  5. Yeah, this is my first bike. So far I’m loving it!

    -Dont turn in gravel.

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