Posted by: ihlos | October 28, 2008

Pet Feat: Rivendark & Obsidia (S)

Our first exotic pet tanking feat comes to us from Shadowshiv of Eldre’thalas, and his pet worm. I especially like how the worm matches the dragon in this shot. With this post I have caught up with the glut of feats in my inbox, so let’s keep em coming!

Who: Shadowshiv Eldre’thalas (US) (70)
Pet: ShaiHulud (70 Worm)
Group: Solo

Details: Soloed Rivendark & Obsidia, the summonable 5 man dragons in Blade’s Edge Mountain. As I am not a heavy raider, my gear is mostly dungeon blues, epic crafteables and reputation rewards. I do have the Steelhawk Crossbow from Kara but that’s about as epic as my gear gets.

Comments: Both fights lasted almost exactly four minutes and were basically exercises in mana and threat management. I kept mend pet on ShaiHulud at all times, misdirecting and feigning as needed and switching to AoV when mana got low. Otherwise, it was tank and spank.

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
-Toshimitsu of Jubei’Thos (70), with Khonda (70 Gorilla) As usual, I MD’d on Khonda as soon as the dragon landed, popped Intimidation and Bestial Wrath and Thunderstomped whenever it was off. Had Mend Pet up almost 100% of the time, she hits hard and has a lot of health. I think at one point I was standing in her flame breath and I took a lot of damage and had to use a potion and bandage. Her fear was annoying, but luckily nothing bad happened. I was actually surprised how long it took me to kill her. Had as much stam gear as I could with two piece T5 bonus, Well Fed stam buff, and a Mark of the Dawn buff which I kept from the zombie invasion. Khonda had a Sporeling Snack buff.



  1. I should try this some time. :O

  2. Inspiring players to try these feats on their own is half the reason we’re doing this. Glad to see its working! =)

  3. I am glad. Seeing the pet feat section is what inspired me to go out and try this. I am glad that other people will see it and go try out something similar. Next I am going to try the other 2 dragons in BEM. However, those appear to be harder so it might take some doing.

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