Posted by: ihlos | October 29, 2008

Ask a Rhino: Cower Bug

Today’s “Ask a Rhino” was inspired by Paul W’s email concerning a macro to deal with the cower bug. There’s nothing a Rhino likes less than cowering! And now, without ventriloquism or further ado, we begin.

Mr. Ohta Rhino sir, the cower autocasting bug is really annoying. How are you dealing with it?

Ohta: The cower bug is indeed annoying, and I think we all expected that they would fix something this major before making all these changes live. So now we are stuck with it until they change it, which is at least another month, maybe much longer.

To cope, my master Ihlos has used the macro building tools on the macros page to put together a special macro just for me! The macro is designed to set all of my skills properly, which is not only a great way to reset the skills to ‘default’, but also to ensure that unwanted skills are off. Tailor the macro to fit the talents your pet has.

/petautocaston Growl
/petautocaston Smack
/petautocaston Charge
/petautocaston Stampede
/petautocastoff Cower
/petautocastoff Roar of Sacrifice
/petautocastoff Taunt

Thanks for asking,

If you have a question for Ohta, please, e-mail it to me!



  1. I’ve got 5 70s and am working my hunter to join them in their ranks. He is currently 57. Hunters are a lot of fun. Next to the druid they are the easiest to level – imo.

    I have a question, due to my hunter noobishness, for you about the hunter macro you have here. I notice that you have turned Taunt off by default. Is this for instances/grouping when you have a tank or do you prefer this while leveling/grinding? It would seem you want your pet to taunt for aggro…or is it a waste of GCD/energy since he should have aggro the whole time?

    If you could clarify for me that would be very helpful. I spend 100% of my time solo leveling with my hunter (haven’t yet seen a dungeon with him) and will likely be leveling him solo all the way to 80. If I shouldn’t be using taunt while leveling I’d like to know before I venture to the Outlands. I’ll be tearing it up in Thrallmar by tomorrow evening. 🙂

  2. I think it mostly has to do with the fact that it has a 2 minute cooldown, so you’ll want to save it for when you’ll need it.

    At least, thats why I keep mine on manual.

  3. ic, thanks.

    I figured my gorilla was smart enough to know not to use it unless he had lost aggro on his target. I wouldn’t expect him to be smart enough to change targets to use it for aoe tanking, but at least make him smart enough to know not to use it on his target unless it had lost aggro. =-/

  4. Ya know, I havent tested this to see how “smart” it is. With longer cooldowns, I would rather just be in control. I will test this to see how smart it is =). Maybe that will be the next “ask a rhino” =D

  5. I was about to start searching for a how to on macro’s. I’m not too familiar with then. I tried several variations last night to get it to work. Thanks for the huge time saver!

  6. 1) Is this a universal macro for all pets for more than one hunter?

    2) It seems that on each of the pets on my many hunters it different on how cower is handled. On some, it stays off and on others it comes on no matter what. So this macro is a blessing.

    3) By the same token, prowl is always coming on for my cats. Would putting
    /petautocastoff Prowl

    work and turn the pet back to visible? Thank you in advance.

  7. You could tailor the macro to fit all the pets you had, as long as you didnt mind the same configuration for the moves the pets share. Simply include all the moves from all pets (hopefully you have room) and your pets will ignore moves they dont have.

  8. Avid Gamer – Taunt is pointless when your pet is already attacking the target.

  9. The command:

    /petautocastoff Cower

    does not work to eliminate the cower bug. According to my cooldown timers, cower still casts itself anytime it wishes whether it’s turned off or not.


  10. Tora – I realize that Taunt is useless (for all classes) if the mob is already attacking the object doing the taunting. My question is whether my pet will be smart enough to know that. Will he taunt whenever he can or will he wait until he has lost aggro?

    I also have a follow up question for this topic. I was leveling my hunter a bit more this weekend and tried to follow the advice of leaving my pet’s taunt under my control. That seemed all but useless. If/when I pulled aggro (which seemed far more often without auto-taunt) I would immediately slam his taunt, which seemed to do nothing as his energy was always depleted at this point. I found that leaving auto-taunt on made for a far easier leveling experience. I had to trap, disengage and FD about 10 times more without Tony (my gorilla) using his auto-taunt ability.

    Do I need to do something else to allow for controlled taunt to be more useful to me?

  11. Avid Gamer, if you’re having problems with focus, the best thing to do is to not use your focus dump.

  12. This is beginning to feel a bit circular.

    1.) If I leave taunt off I pull aggro and Tony doesn’t have the energy to taunt to regain aggro.

    2.) If I turn off his taunt and energy dump (smack) then he has a ton of energy, but doesn’t do enough damage to maintain aggro.

    3.) If I turn off his taunt and energy dump then I am forced to use smack manually in order to maintain the damage he needs in order to keep aggro. I will inevitably pull from time to time and so I must be sure he has enough energy for a taunt and continue manual smack. By doing this I will eventually lose my rotation and output less damage since I have to focus so much on my pets abilities.

    So, again, why shouldn’t I just leave taunt on? My hunter is now 60 I die about once every 5 levels or so. So, I see no good reason to change to turning off auto-taunt. =-/

  13. From what I can tell my taunt never gets used if i leave it on auto cast. If you have a different experience, id like to know.

    I put my focus dump into my shot macro, so that if i need some extra focus i’ll get it because if im going to taunt then im not spamming my macro anyway. Seems to work out.

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  15. Wouldn’t it be possible to make an addon that sets the default values of the pet and keep them stable like that?

  16. I think it would be possible, but I know there are some restrictions on what an addon can do for you, and to some extent things like setting pet abilities would require a player click. Im not sure though.

    It would take some time to develop, and really they should just fix this. But if any of you addon authors wants to do this, I would definately promote it! =)

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