Posted by: ihlos | October 29, 2008

Pet Feat: Mana Tombs (D)

In vanilla wow, some of my favorite times were duo-ing instances with my buddy’s hunter. This feat brang all those memories back. Keep em coming guys!

Who: Malinalda of Forscherliga (EU) (70)
Pet: Gorilla (Unnamed 65 Gorilla)
Group: 70 BM hunter

Details: Both pets started the instance as level 65 (we wanted to train them in there) and finished on 68 (barely). My gorilla tanked most of the instance (my mate’s boar had cower-bug problems for most of the run), and it went fairly easy. We did wipe 4 times, I think, because of not talking about who takes which mob, which ones get trapped, and my gorilla stomping open all the traps.

Comments: The bosses went quite well, we had the most problems on the first one as he does quite a big amount of elemental based damage and we wasted 3 pets on him (my poor gorilla died twice).
The second boss (I always forget their names) was quite easy, he didn’t do anything special.
Nexus-Prince Shaffar was a piece of cake, easier than we had expected. The only thing you have to worry about is that he will kill your tanking pet because you forgot to cast mend pet, other than that just nuke down the flare adds and burn through his life.

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
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  1. Oh, I also uploaded the video on filefront, if anyone wants a link.

  2. Lets have it! you can posts links in comments, but I may have to approve the post.

  3. No sound, no editing, 1280*800 pixels, here you are:;12188001;/fileinfo.html

  4. Hey there, Davlin(lvl70 from Hydraxis here. I ran into Mana Tombs with a fury warrior(lvl70) and my gorilladin(lvl66),also included was a level 65 warlock and a level 65 rogue. When we hit Pandemonius my group wiped around pandemonius’ quarter health and me and the gorilladin tanked and killed him, the gorilla dying right at 2% on Pandamonius. Then I shot him down until he died. After that we went all the way to Prince before the next wipehalf way through Prince’s health, I then went and allowed the gorilladin to tank, stopping only to heal him and letting the bubble guys beat on me for a bit. When prince died I had the gorilladin use thunderstomp and I vollied the three last bubble things dead.

    Honestly, it was awesome. Might not be the same, but I thought it was a rather proud moment and decided to share.

  5. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! How awesome is it to be the last man standing and be able to salvage a wipe?! Thanks for sharing =)

  6. If you’re an engineer and your jumper cables are ready, it’s even better I think.

  7. another last man standing example tanking with bubba the ape again. this time seth halls. I almost forgot to take a screenshot. I also did get a chance to use the jumper cables this time around as well. –Davlin

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