Posted by: ihlos | October 31, 2008

Pet Feat: Azuregos (S)

Keep em coming guys =)

Who: Yonah of Turalyon EU (70)
Pet: Kasim (70 Gorilla)
Group: Solo

Details: Sadly no T5 bonus, but I do use Vial of the Sunwell and the SSO exalted healer neck. Combined with Gift of the Naaru and Last Stand it was enough to keep my pet up. Also have Spirit Bond II and Blood of the Rhino for my pet, and used Sporeling snacks and all scrolls on pet (2 actually since it took about 40 mins ;p).

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
-Durante of Hydraxis (70), with Bubbles (70 Gorilla) No details submitted.



  1. Hang on… spell damage affects Mend Pet again?

  2. No, he’s using these two pieces for their procs. The Trinket can heal on use for up to 2k and if scryer exalted the neck can proc for about a 600 to 700 heal.

  3. Combined with the healing talents the items heal for 3k and ~1k and both of those can crit. And as of 3.0.2 they use melee/ranged critical strike rating. (spell critical strike rating was removed)

  4. Yeh what is the use of that neck?
    I’m aldor and was thinking of buying that neck aswell, but now with 3.02 there is no real use of it anymore for us?
    I know instead used the tanking version. Lots of stamina and offtent 200 dodge rating for me so also some for my pet right?

  5. The SSO tanking neck does have 48 stamina which will contribute to your pet and the proc will increase your dodge, but hunter pets do not receive a portion of the hunter’s dodge. I believe the only stats that hunter pets recieve directly from their master at the moment are stamina, AP, and hit.

    More info can be found on the pet stats tab on the top of the page.

  6. Oh, armor and resistances too. Oops.

  7. I tanked Azuregos on lvl 60 in a normal raid group.

    Was my best tanking achievement so far. =)

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