Posted by: ihlos | November 3, 2008

Pet Feat: Botanica (Heroic) (MT)

No Screenshot Submitted

Who: Kamaakazy of Ner’zhul (70)
Pet: Warfare (70 Gorilla)
Group: 4 lvl 70’s

Details: Main tanked entire instance with a pick up group. Here are my and my gorilla’s spec’s

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
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  1. Kama quick question, on your spec do you like having GFTT over BM? I’ve speced BM for the extra talent points but was wondering if the extra focus would be better. Thanks for any comments or anyone else on this topic.

  2. In my experience BM affords slightly more pet survivability while GFTT provides more threat. Kama’s guild clears Sunwell, so his healers can compensate for a little less pet survivability, while his pet needs all the threat it can get to keep aggro from his DPS.

    I prefer the BM talent since my raid feature players in T5 – Black Temple T6 many of which are alts, so my pet needs more survivability and threat isn’t as much of a concern.

    Until we get more talents points in the expansion, its a question of looking at your raid’s strengths and weaknesses and deciding how to set up your talents. Threat vs. Survivability is the age old tank dilemma that we now get to share in.

  3. That was my stance on it, I did not being able to get all of the pet talents that I wanted in favor of more focus. I’m just tanking 5mans and the such so it’s been fine, just wanted some input from people who are trying some more advanced content than I am. Will be neat to see how it works out at level 80, either go for readiness or get BM for more pet threat with the extra talent points. And when they buff exotic pets like they said they will wonder if the exotic tanks (worm and rhino) could pull ahead of gorilla in tps with the extra damage.

  4. I keep hearing about incoming nerfs and buffs to pets, but I can’t find any blizzard material on it. Point me in the right direction?


    Here is the post about buffing exotic pet dps to be above non-exotic pets.

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