Posted by: ihlos | November 3, 2008

Pet Feat: Magisters Terrace – Heroic (MT)

Who: Kamaakazy of Ner’zhul (70)
Pet: Warfare (70 Gorilla)
70 Shadow Priest
2 lvl 70 Rogues
70 Holy Paladin

Details: Warfare, my Gorilladin, tanked a Heroic Magister’s Terrace (HMGT) today. We tried a few saps early on, but Warfare really wasn’t taking enough damage to bother with CC so we let him AoE tank most of it. We did use LoS and misdirect on some of the more risky pulls to ensure we were a safe distance from other groups.

Comments: There was only one casualty, and that was on the second boss. One of the rogues got three adds and then pulled aggro. In the future I will make sure to tell the DPS that I am getting the first couple adds to minimize the risk of them pulling aggro. Otherwise, the run was fast and fun. Thanks for the help guys. 🙂 This is pretty much the pinnacle of 5 man tanking. If a gorilla can tank HMGT there is really no 5 man he can’t tank, and should easily be able to tank the upcoming non heroics in WoTLK. I will be leveling as a tank, and I look forward to bringing 4 DPS (myself included) and a healer for very fast 5 mans.

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
-Tenris of Blackrock EU (70), with Alshar (70 Gorilla) Grouped with 70 Ret Pally, 70 Shadow Priest, 70 Rogue and a 70 Resto Druid. It was so easy! My Gorilla tanked everything, even the Vexallus WITH all his Adds! This Macro helped a lot at him:
/petattack [target=Pure Energy, exists]
We died just one time at the last Group before Kael, because the Druid was AFK and i didn’t notice. We could just bomb everything, no problem.



  1. I just did the same thing 🙂
    Spriest, Ret Pally, Rogue, Healdruid.
    The Druid was a bit Sleeping, so we Wiped at the last group one time.
    My Gorilla Alshar tanked everything, even the Second Boss WITH all Adds.

  2. €:/petattack [target=Pure Energy, exists]
    for 2. Boss.
    And how can i Add this to “Other Hunters who have completed this feat:”?

  3. Email me the same info found in the post, minus the screen shot. You can find details for submission on the feats page.

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