Posted by: ihlos | November 6, 2008

Ask a Rhino: Pet Health

staminaToday’s “Ask a Rhino” comes from Nordh concerning pet health. And now, without ventriloquism or further ado, we begin.

Mr. Ohta Rhino sir, My frail gorilla feels that he will never be huge and strong like all the other gorillas. Could you tell me approx how much health he will have unbuffed, but specced, once we both reach lvl 80 and start heading into the raid instances? Of course it depends on my own health, but generalize a hunter quite new to lvl 80 content.

Ohta: Hello Nordh and thanks for the question! I see this question from time to time, so i’m glad you asked.

While we rhinos like to tease our smaller gorilla friends, the truth is that all tenacity pets are going to have similar health pools. All pets have the same base stats, and can get the same talents, namely Endurance Training, Great Stamina, and Blood of the Rhino. After that, the hunter’s stamina comes into play. Given that you have all the above talents, your pet will effectively receive just over 61% of your stamina. Even though this is pretty good, the difference between a fresh 70 and an epic 70 wont be astronomical. So I wouldn’t worry about your pet having less health than the other pets.

One thing that can make your pet ‘feel’ tougher is the T5 bonus, and keeping mend pet up regularly. Other than that, you can gem and enchant for stamina if you feel your pet isnt keeping up.

As to approximate health levels going into level 80, i’m afraid I cant say exactly. I spent most of my time in the beta figuring out formulas and testing the pets, and not so much on leveling. So I don’t know the base health and stamina at 80. I also don’t know what kind of stamina we can expect on the gear, although you could probably figure that one out with some digging.

At 70, my gorilla sits somewhere around or below 10k health with no buffs, and can get to 13k in a 10 man and 15k in a 25 man raid. Hope this helps. Once the expansion hits, you can be sure ill be looking into stamina and all the other stats and keep you all up to date.

Thanks for asking,

If you have a question for Ohta, please, e-mail it to me!



  1. Here is an estimate from what i can calculate:

    lvl 80 BM (tank spec’d) hunter with a bunch of lvl 80 PvP items:
    -1300 stam, 9300 armor

    17k health and around 21k armor


    lvl 80 BM (tank spec’d) hunter with some PvP items:
    -1000 stam, 8500 armor

    15k health and around 20k armor

  2. Thanks zwicky, i knew somebody out there could help me out! 😉

  3. ihlos i also have some math to give ya for the stamina formula you have on the stats page. I’ll finish putting it together tomorrow. The plus side is that a pet will recieve just above 63% of each stamina point a hunter gets.

  4. Lay it on me!

    Really? i calculated it at just over 61%

    Potato-Potahto 😉

    you have my email!

  5. Was it 61.48%? if so i know why and will be glad to share it with you tomorrow. I dont have time to type up the math cause i need to go finish work and run off to watch my Broncos.

  6. I don’t know if it was that exactly or not. good luck to your broncos!

  7. Thank you both for the answers. =)

  8. Oh, btw, since I’m not a number cruncher, if we add in Fortitude, MotW, Kings, Imp and all the regular Stamina increasing buffs on both me and my pet. How much extra Stamina would that give the pet, if it has been fully stamina specced?

  9. wow, luckly i have my wonderful spreadsheet to best try and answer this. 🙂

    Here we go. Lvl 80 with untalented buffs. Lets say its the 1300 stam and 9300 armor hunter.

    With Fort.
    20k health and 21k Armor

    With Fort and GotW.
    21k heatlh and 22k Armor

    With Fort, GotW, Imp, and Kings
    27k health and 22k Armor

    With all the above, and spicy crawdad for hunter, kibbler’s bit for pet, scroll of protection for both, stoneskin totem for both (hmm i wonder if those two stack).

    28k health and 25k Armor

    for that twelve seconds of last stand with all the above:
    37k health and 25k Armor

  10. doh, it has a 20 second duration, but oh well.

  11. Kibbler’s is +str, so you’d probably go sporeling snack for more stamina, right?

  12. Kibler’s has been changed to +30 to str and +30 to stam (old is spirit) so it is way better than a sporeling. Plus kibler’s lasts an hour compared to the sporeling being 30 min

  13. well..kick me in the head and call me behind the times.

  14. Whoa, i didnt even notice this. Did this go in for the patch?

    If anyone knows when this happened let me know so i can put it on the history page.

  15. I think it was around the time that the big buff/debuff change came about. I was also floored by this when i found it.

  16. Impressive.

    Nice change on the food, I hadn’t noticed that either.

    Stoneskin totem should stack, just like Fortitude stacks if both hunter and pet got them, and imp, and motw and so on. I hope you added all that into the calculations?

    Are these calcs correctly? A little crunching on Powerword Fortitude rank 8 (165 Stamina):

    Hunter = 165 stamina
    Pet = 165 stamina x 1.12 (spec) x 1.04 (spec) = 192,192 stamina

    Health increase from hunters buff = 165 x 0.63 x 10 = 1039,5 HP
    Health increase from pets buff = 192,192 x 10 = 1921,92 HP

    Total health increase = (1039,5 + 1921,92) x 1.1 (spec) = 3257,562 HP

    3258 more HP and that’s just from Power word: Fortitude on hunter and pet.

  17. Oh, and what is the base tenacity lvl 80 stamina?

  18. Made myself a spreadsheet for my own purpose of understanding the stacking, and to learn how to make them ^^

    I’m not sure about the pet base stamina, so that might be off. There are probably other miscalculations in there, so I would really appreciate if someone more knowledgeable could point me in the right direction.

  19. nordh,

    The number i came up with is 3364 health for just the addition of power word fortitude. You have the general understanding of how to calculate this stuff, its just that the actual formula has some wierd rounding and its not exactly 63%. That number will vary depending on the hunter’s health and how numbers are rounded off.

    shoot me an email at azwickl84 at and i’ll hook you up with my work in progress. Its a little health / tank spreadsheet much like yours just with a little bit more detail. Some things remain unfinished but i think i got the stamina portion nailed down.

  20. Yeah, me and zwicky have been discussing this and grappling with the stamina formula.

    For all the theory crafting, remember that you can just get a priest in a group and test the before and after buffing.

    I wanted to test our formula this weekend but things got too busy =(

    Hopefully this week sometime. Before the expac. Before we all go leveling crazy

  21. And I’ve been busy showing my gorilla all around Azeroth doing quests for Loremaster. My fiancée has both a druid and priest at 70 though, so I guess she could help me out if I get some spare time.

  22. I have a question for you elite hunters. I have two tank pets, a level 70 gorilla and a level 72 rhino. both of them have the exact same talent builds. Now here’s the tricky bit.
    My rhino at level 72 has 9.9k health / 15.5k armor
    My Gorilla at level 70 has 10.6k health / 15.5k armor!
    How can this be?

    Thanks for in advance your help.

    Kurosaki / Eonar / EU

  23. P.S.
    I don’t have some rare Gorilla, it’s just a common one I picked up in STV a while ago. The difference in health is quite a lot considering it is 2 levels lower from the rhino.

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