Posted by: ihlos | November 6, 2008

Pet Feat: Onyxia (D)

Wondering if you are seeing double? Well, no your eyes are just fine! Shortly after I received the Main Tank Ony feat, I received this one, a duo. I felt the challenges were different. One was about keeping ahead of 10 dpsers, and the other was a survival match. So i’ve given this one its own post. Enjoy


Who: Aern of Cho’Gall (70)
Pet: Muscles (70 Gorilla)
Group: 70 Druid

Details: Decided to go in and have muscles main tank Onyxia, figured I could do it pretty easy with just a healer, turned out to be true. His threat generation was a little lower than I hoped so we had a few problems with Xaine, my druid healer, pulling aggro early because he was wrath spamming and moonfiring. Once we got aggro squared away it was basic tank and spank until she went up in the air. Left Muscles on Onyxia for most of the time in the air, just pulled him off to kill large groups of whelps then put him back on Onyxia. Once she came back down I tried to have Beastial Wrath up when the fears were coming and besides that it was just tank and spank again. Gear I used was my sunwell PvE gear, no t5 or anything just all dps gear. Muscles never got really low and barely ever dropped below 50%, its actually a decent way to go in and make 60ish gold every clear, any hunter could do it easily. The other character in the party is a guy we’re gonna try and farm bloodsail rep with, with my pet as the main tank, he wasn’t in the instance during the fight.

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
-Lehnis of Lightbringer (70), with Gorilladin (70 gorilla) Grouped with 70 war, 70 druid (Technically a trio) Gorilladin tanked Onyxia like a champ. With mend pet (no t5) and druid heals over time, he stayed up without a problem. I would misdirect every chance I got and the warrior watched his agro (took it once, shortly) but everything went smooth. Whelps weren’t a big concern, volley can take care of any of them in a single cast. Only semi-lame thing during this fight is how often you’re going to run out of mana. Lots of switching between Hawk and Viper, but that’s expected.


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