Posted by: ihlos | November 7, 2008

Pet Feat: Blood Furnace – Heroic (MT)


Who: Tenris of Blackrock EU (70)
Pet: Alshar (70 Gorilla)
70 Feral Druid
70 Mage
70 Elemental Shaman
70 Holy Priest

Comments: This was Hard! We died first sometime, because some of the mobs are hitting very hard (noncrit 4-5k) like Laughing Skull Enforcer, the Legioners and the demon’s at the end, than my pet died or the Priest takes aggro and we all died after that. Our Druid had to Offtank a bit of the trash and the Mage sheeped a bit, then it all worked fine. The bosses were no problem, just tank and spank. We had to take the Broggok (second Boss) out of the Poison but that was all.

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
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  1. Hahaha. Blood Furnace!

    Oh, man, that makes me remember the one time my wolf tanked (regular) BF back in Janurary, about two weeks after I ding 70.

    No joke. There was me, newly-minted 70 with a wolf, a resto shammy (70), and two frost mages (62). My wolf didn’t die once, and nobody died. The two mages didn’t die, the shammy didn’t die, I didn’t die. Even on the last boss fight – which were about 5 or 6 enemies if I remember correctly – we blasted through it!

    It was a lot of fun. The only time my pet ever tanked. It certainly won me a tiny bit of respect – who heard of a (new 70!) MM hunter’s wolf successfully tanking an Outland instance? It’s a lot of fun!

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