Posted by: ihlos | November 7, 2008

Pet Feat: Hellfire Ramparts – Heroic (MT)

These next two feats come to us from Germany. Keep the feats coming in guys! Only one week until the expansion and then we all start in on the northrend feats! Get em in while you can!


Who: Tenris of Blackrock EU (70)
Pet: Alshar (70 Gorilla)
70 Feral Druid
70 Mage
70 Elemental Shaman
70 Holy Priest

Details: My Hunter has the 2 T5 Bonus, Vial of the Sunwell an some “normal” Epic Hunter Items.
My Talents:
My Gorillas Talents:

Comments: Just the Groups with the Hounds killed my Pet some time, but no other Mob was hard for us. We don’t have to take CC and the Druid even didn’t need to OT.
Nazan (the Dragon Boss) was a bit Movement for me and my Pet so it don’t stand in the Fires.

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
No additional submission to date


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