Posted by: ihlos | November 8, 2008

Pet Feat: Black Temple (MT/OT)

And the envelope gets a little bigger…


Who: Kamaakazy of Ner’zhul (70)
Pet: Warfare (70 Gorilla)
Group: Full Raid

Comments: Lemmings did a BT today and we took good ole Warfare along for some tanking. He main tanked Na’jentus with no problems at all. He tanked phase 2 of Supremus, which wasn’t intentional, but it was a nice surprise all the same. Apparently during phase 2, while Supremus usually has no aggro table, he will still attack pets that are in melee. This has often been a real pain in the past because you had to pull pets off of him or have them die. This time though, healers just healed him and we easily finished phase 2 with no kiting. For Shade of Akama he tanked the shield bearers that run to the center.

We let a warrior tank Gorefiend for the simple pleasure of the DPS race. We didn’t try having Warfare tank RoS either, though I think he could with little trouble. I doubt the boss burns energy like it does rage, so he’d probably take less damage than a warrior in the tricky phases. Warfare also did not tank blood boil. This would be very very tricky and I really have no desire to test it out. We tried to have Warfare tank Mother Shaz but he seemed to be taking the full Saber Lash instead of splitting it with the other tanks. After a couple tries the healers seemed to have it under control and we were doing okay, but Failsbane (my favorite warlock) pulled aggro and wiped us. After that we moved on with real tanks.

When we got to council I tanked the priest. I tanked her where she was standing, and that was bad. I would have moved her, but people weren’t much paying attention and her interupters started hitting her when the fight started. I had to establish aggro instead of moving her. Next time I’ll just yell louder. We also gave a shot at tanking Illidan, and phase one was a breeze. When we got back to phase 2, people pulled aggro before Illidan even reached Warfare and caused another wipe. We let a warrior tank him after that, but next time I’ll just have Warfare tank Illidan where he lands in phase 3 and have all of the raid standing off to the side.

For all of this, there was only one other hunter in the raid and he wasn’t misdirecting quite so religiously as I was. Threat was mostly a non issue, but only because the fights were too short.

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  1. Yeah, a lot of people are misinformed about what really happens with Supremus in his “kite phase”. He actually DOES have a threat table. He puts his gaze target at the top of said table, but you can out threat them to retain a tanking stance throughout the fight. This happens more often than not since 3.0.2 where tanks have such godly threat.

    The rest is pretty impressive. I have tanked a few things with my gorilla, BT/Hyjal trash, RoS phase 1, and Azgalor Doomguards. Most guild’s would never let a hunter pet do what yours is letting you do.

    The only pet my guild let tank anything was just about a full kara run tanked by a Voidwalker. Said Void tanked Kazrogal and Sunwell trash as well.

  2. You’re lucky to be in a guild that would let you do this.

  3. Grats Kamaa. I was able to get some attempts in tanking IC last week but we were never able to clear because we were short on healers, and since then I haven’t been able to get the group back together and I had worried that this content wouldn’t get done done before the expansion. Glad to see you’re carrying the torch.

  4. I’m not only applauding you, but your whole guild for letting you do this:

    This is very impressive. =)

  5. […] So, it would appear that some classes don’t really have inherent hybrid capabilities.  (Hunter, Mage, Rogue and Warlock)  I think this is a bit misleading, however, because both Hunter and Warlock have pets.  The Hunter, especially, can be considered a hybrid because if spec’d beastmastery they can do some remarkable things with their pet.  (Can you say:  Tank BT?) […]

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