Posted by: ihlos | November 10, 2008

Pet Feat: Shattered Halls – Heroic (MT)

(No Screenshot submitted yet)

Who: Kamaakazy of Ner’zhul (70)
Warfare (70 Gorilla)
70 Retribution Paladin
70 Enhance Shaman
70 Fury Warrior
70 Holy Priest

Details: I knew it was going to be a difficult instance so I got the “perfect group”. I had a retadin for the purpose of restoring my mana, providing might, and also asked him to keep the Devotion Aura up for the armor increases. I had an enhance shaman for all of the obvious group buffs. We brought a fury warrior to keep commanding shout up. Last but certainly not least was our healer, a priest. The fort buff and multitude of fast/instant heals was a big help.

Comments: A few of the trash pulls were tricky, and the priest had no experience with the fast paced heals required for pet tanking. That said, Warfare took a few dirt naps. When Warfare died I would frost trap and kite via aggro/distracting shot. It wasn’t as easy as it could have been, but it was far from impossible.

The bosses were a joke and died without any issues.

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