Posted by: ihlos | November 12, 2008

Northrend and Tenacity Pets

northrend-map Well, its finally here. Tonight at midnight the expansion hits shelves and subsequently computer hard drives. Of course, I don’t need to tell any of you this. What I do want to talk about is the pet feats as we move into northrend. Our current situation has been quite unique, in that the tenacity pets went live when the majority of hunters, and players, were 70. So, for this period in which alot of hunters were learning to tank for the first time, we have accepted feats from any of the Burning Crusade instances/content. Now that we are moving into the expansion, there are some changes and clarifications I would like to bring to your attention.

-Moving into WotLK content, we will be closely following the level criteria found on the Feats page. Using the wowwiki Instances by Level page as a reference, you and your group must be no more than two levels higher than the recommended level range. It will be ok if one of your players is a little higher. The recommended level range is in brackets. So, for example:


Once you and your group level past 74, you will be past the level for Utegard Keep. If you level past 75, you are no longer eligible for The Nexus, and so on.

-When players reach 80, Violet Hold will be included in the cut-off for the lowest acceptable instance feat.

-I realize some players will not be leveling their hunter first, so until you level to 71, you are still eligible to submit all Burning Crusade content.

-Alot of hunters love to solo (and duo) content. Before leveling to 71, all Burning Crusade content will be still be eligible for solo/duo feat submissions. At level 80, Utegard Keep will be the lowest Solo/Duo feat eligible for submission. (I am still considering whether or not to include 70 Heroics)

-The most difficult raid content of the Burning Crusade, namely Zul’ Aman and up, will still be eligible for submission until you and the majority of your group hit 80. Burning Crusade Heroics will be eligible until players level past 72.

-Azeroth and Outlands content will still be eligible for submission by level-appropriate players, and will follow the same level criteria as Northrend content.

-I believe that the screenshot is a vital part of the post. It gives life to the post and lends credibility to its claims. As such, submitting screenshots will still be optional, however if another player submits the same feat and includes a screenshot, their post will take the top slot for the feat. This won’t bump the post to the front page of the site.

-The Ten and Twentyfive man versions of the raid content will vary in difficulty, and will therefore be treated as seperate feats, just like Heroic and Non-Heroic versions are treated seperately.

(If anyone has any feedback, comments, or suggested changes to this structure, please let me know)

I have very much enjoyed seeing all these posts for outlands content. Many of you have let me know how much fun it has been to post, and to see what others are posting. I am looking forward to seeing the northrend content successfully tanked, and I believe we will see all of the content downed.

There are an unknown number of World Elites, 12 Instances from 70 to 80, 12 Heroics, and 5 (10/25 man) Raids.




  1. I was exploring last night and I came across 2 rare elites. One was lvl 63 in Dragonblight called Tukemoth. It gave me 26K(!) exp on lvl 70. Easy to solo, even though the pet died (didn’t use my T5), but was so slow that you could outrun it even without AotC.

    I also killed Drakegore which gave me around 8K exp, if I remember correctly, and was an easy solo with full T6 on lvl 70.

    I tried my hand on Iceshatter as well, a similar looking elite, but the bastard had an AoE that hit for a LOT.

    Just wondering, does rare elites count as feat (if they survive, like mine didn’t, that is)?

    BTW, it seems that all rare elites gives a BoE blue with random enchantment, like they did in TBC, and a blue bag. The blue bag contains around 20G, and 20xfrost weave cloth. At least it did in both cases for me.

  2. Whoo! My level 70 gorilla “james” just main tanked the Nexus.

  3. @nordh, i don’t know, ill have to check em out. So much new stuff!

  4. Did you take a screenie chesko? Submit it as a feat! I just did this too, pretty easy, but im not going to submit my personal feats 😉

  5. Chesko, I did the same, but forgot the screenshot =P I have to say, the last boss was very interesting to do as a hunter tank since you have to move all the time.

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