Posted by: ihlos | November 13, 2008

The Expansion – First Impressions

northrend So far im having a blast, as I am sure you all are. I’ve done Utgarde Keep and the Nexus, and both are tankable with little difficulty. I still havent received any feats for them though, but I’m sure we will see those flood in soon enough. Right now I am just busy leveling.

I am happy to report that more and more of my guild members are warming up to the pet tanking concept. Something about leveling makes people very open minded. I would encourage you all to take this opportunity to show your fellow players just what you are capable of. It can be tempting to just sit back and not put yourself out there, but if you do you will be missing out on a golden opportunity!

Back to leveling!

Let the Hunt begin!



  1. When I was in Nexus yesterday with my guild (all apart from one were 70, last one was 71), the first thing they asked was “So, who’s tanking? [feral druid, guild MT in TBC] or Nordh’s pet?”

    I’ve been very clear of my intentions for my pet. I will be a hunter tank for as long as the content allows it. And I think they are softening up to me.

    The Nexus was my first real tanking challenge, as I’m not counting nerfed TBC as a challenge. It was very interesting. I hate the defensive stance/auto attack change.

    We wiped once, and semi-wiped a second time, on trash when accidentally pulling 2 groups. Was a bit too much for my pet to handle. Healer aggro was never a problem at all with my Gorilla. What is to be noted is that we were a bit low level for the instance, so 2 more levels and we would have been much better off.

    Since none of us had done the instance before we knew none of the tactics. The last boss wiped us the first try. Not until my pet had 9 stacks of the debuff there I noticed the text about moving will remove it ^^ 9 stacks = 900 damage per second.

    I also noticed that the the pet drops fast in the pull (we used no CC at all, hard with stomp anyhow), but once aggro was established, volley + T5 can keep the pet up without any problems at all for the healer.

  2. Yeah my guild is warming up to me too, every time I get to showcase the pets abilities to a new guildie im always eager to be on the top of my game. I think these first couple instances are prime territory for pet tanking.

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