Posted by: ihlos | November 16, 2008

Pet Feat: The Nexus (MT)

I haven’t posted much in the last couple days, things have been busy. I’m looking forward to getting back into it! Here is the first of the Northrend Feats. I have a few more in my inbox, which I’ll get to asap. Remember that the submission cap is 15 for a particular instance, so don’t be shy about submitting a duplicate! Its always nice to read about an instance from several hunter’s point of view. Enough of that though, on to the feat!


Who: Durante of Hydraxis (71->72)
Pet: Bubbles (70->71 Gorilla)
70 Retribution Palladin
71 Shadow Priest
70 Warlock
71 Balance Druid (Healer)

Details: Bubbles tanked the entire instance except the final boss and with occasional pally off-tanking on some trash. Little CC was used, only the occasional Repentance. The trash for much of the instance was harder to tank than the bosses. Bubbles died during the final boss only because I forgot to move him to clear his debuff, and our Balance speced druid wasn’t able to heal him through the damage. There were also occasional group member deaths during trash mostly because of unfamiliarity with the pulls, but never a full wipe.

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
-Vragashof Twilight’s Hammer EU (71), with Sunwukong (71 Gorilla) Grouped with 73 Paladin (Healer), 70 Retribution Paladin, 71 Hunter, 71 Feral Druid. No T5 Bonus.

Sunwukong Main Tanked all of the bosses, with our Feral Druid sometimes switching to Bear form when we pulled a little too much on trash keke. Our feral druid, Tigerie, remained in cat form for boss fights however. For the most part a fairly easy instance. Our healer, Jamludi, remarked that although healing the pet was somewhat spiky at times – it was easier healing than your average PUG tank. My gear has not changed much since the previous submission, except for one neck piece quest reward. I did make use of scrolls of protection/stamina(no priest) on the pet, sporeling snacks, 40 sta foodbuff and Elixir of Mighty Fortitude. The only hiccup we had encountered was on the final boss where Sunwukong died when the boss was on 6% health, but by then the fight was already over and it was easy pickings to finish it off. This run again was made up of all FoA members.

-Nordh of The Maelstrom (70), with Torlak (69-70 Gorilla) Grouped with a 70 Death knight (frost dps), 70 Rogue, 69 Shaman (resto), and a 73 Priest (shadow).

I have already done this instance with my main hunter on lvl 70-71 something, but forgot to take a picture. The only real problem tanking this instance is the last boss. It’s really hard as a hunter to move constantly and tank at the same time. The two deaths on the screenshot is due to overaggro even though I told them I can’t keep threat that high =P


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