Posted by: ihlos | November 17, 2008

Pet Feat: Utgarde Keep (MT)

Another feat from Vragash 🙂


Who: Vragash of Twilight’s Hammer EU (70)
Pet: Sunwukong (70 Gorilla)
71 Paladin (Healer)
70 Warlock
70 Hunter
70 Shadow Priest

Details: T5 Bonus : No

Comments: Sunwukong Main Tanked all the bosses, although on trash tanking was sometimes shared between Wolfsoka’s and Heatsta’s pets. It was a fairly easy run with the pet not dieing once. I have no T5 Bonus, my gear is a mix of badge gear, epic craftables (LW) and Zul Aman gear. I have not re-gemmed for tanking purposes, although I have used Borean Armor Kits to bolster stamina. Made use of scrolls of protection and sporeling snacks on the pet and a 40 stamina foodbuff on myself. The run went very smoothly, and thanks to my guildies from FoA who contributed to a very smooth and quick run.

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
No additional submission to date


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