Posted by: ihlos | November 18, 2008

Pet Feat: Azjol Nerub (MT)

One more down! Keep em coming guys!


Who: Nordhbane of The Maelstrom (73)
Pet: Umtokk (72 Gorilla)
73 Druid (DPS)
72 Priest (Disc healer)
73 Priest (Shadow)
72 Rogue

Comments: This was a really fast instance. Very little threat overall. The packs before the second boss was a bit tricky as there were adds coming in all the time, so I had to change target a lot. But there were never any real threats. The last boss the Shadow Priest got locked out, as seen on the picture, so we pretty much did it 4 man.

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
No additional submission to date


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