Posted by: ihlos | November 19, 2008

Ask a Rhino: Enchantments

enchanting Today’s “Ask a Rhino” concerns the improvements that can be made from enchantments. Rhinos, like all tenacity pets, are tough, but since there are limited ways to improve your pets, selecting the right enchantments is key. Luckily, Ohta knows a thing or two about that. And now, without ventriloquism or further ado, we begin.

Mr. Ohta Rhino sir, I’m looking to enchant my gear, what should I look for?

Ohta: As you move through the content and get new gear, it will become necessary to replace the enchantments and enhancements that you may or may not have on your gear. Normally a hunter might wait until the level cap to even consider enhancing his or her gear, but these enhancements may be necessary even before you hit the level cap, in order to successfully use your pet as a tank.

Your pets benefit from your hit chance, stamina, resistances, armor, and attack power, in descending order. Hit chance and attack power will buff your pet’s damage, and therefore threat, while stamina, resistances, and armor will boost survivability. Mix and match the enhancements to your gear based on your greater need, more threat or more survivability. Or collect two sets of gear, enchanting one for threat and one for survivability and mix the gear as needed.

For each slot, I have included a few options which I believe to be good choices respectively. I have also included the alternatives to more expensive choices.

Head   Arcanum of Torment 50 AP, 20 CR
Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector 37 Stam, 20 DR
Falcon’s Call 24 AP, 10 Stam, 10 HR
Neck   None
Shoulders   Greater Inscription of the Axe 40 AP, 15 CR
Lesser Inscription of the Axe 30 AP, 10 CR
Greater Inscription of Vengeance 30 AP, 10 CR
Heavy Borean Armor Kit 18 Stam
Fortitude of the Scourge 16 Stam, 100 Armor
Back   Scroll of Enchant Cloak – Major Agility 22 Agi
Scroll of Enchant Cloak – Mighty Armor 225 Armor
Chest   Heavy Borean Armor Kit 18 Stam
Enchant Chest – Powerful Stats 10 All Stats
Bracers   Fur Lining – Stamina 90 Stam (Leatherworking Only)
Scroll of Enchant Bracer – Fortitude 12 Stam
Fur Lining – Attack Power 114 AP (Leatherworking Only)
Enchant Bracers – Greater Assault 50 AP
Gloves   Heavy Borean Armor Kit 18 Stam
Scroll of Enchant Gloves – Crusher 44 AP
Scroll of Enchant Gloves – Precision 20 HR
Belt   Eternal Belt Buckle 1 Gem Slot
Legs   Frosthide Leg Armor 55 Stam, 22 Agi
Jormungar Leg Armor 45 Stam, 15 Agi
Icescale Leg Armor 75 AP, 22 CR
Nerubian Leg Armor 55 AP, 15 CR
Heavy Borean Armor Kit 18 Stam
Boots   Scroll of Enchant Boots – Greater Fortitude 22 Stam
Heavy Borean Armor Kit 18 Stam
Enchant Boots – Greater Assault 32 AP
Melee Weapon   (2H) Enchant Weapon – Massacre 110 AP
(2H) Scroll of Enchant Weapon – Greater Savagery 85 AP
Enchant Weapon – Superior Potency 65 AP
Enchant Weapon – Accuracy 25 HR, 25 CR
Ranged Weapon   Biznicks 247×128 Accurascope 30 HR
Heartseeker Scope 40 CR
Ring   Enchant Ring – Stamina 24 Stam (Enchanting Only)
Enchant Ring – Assault 32 AP (Enchanting Only)


Thanks for asking,

Ultimately, I have to trust the databases since im not 80 yet, so I may need to update the list as time goes on. Ive also posted this on the Tanking page. If any of you spot a useful enhancement I haven’t listed here, let me know.



  1. Crit scope gives you more crit, which gives the pet more special crits and more focus from talents.

  2. I’ll take it!

    Everything on the level now? Anyone see anything I’m missing?

  3. In the same line of thought the haste scope will make you fire faster, which won’t increase your crit chance but will increase your crits per minute.

  4. Haste scope will not increase the amount of crits from Kill shot or Arcane shot, and for many hunters, not steady shot either as it will be capped by the GCD anyhow.

    Thus a haste scope will only benefit GftT from white shot crits, while the crit scope will benefit all shots and both talents.

  5. True, but i think crit would better affect the crits per minute. It could easily be theorycrafted to see which would give you more, but I think crit rating is a safe bet.

    In all of this, obviously we still want to pick up the dps stats when we can. You could argue that with T5 bounus all damage is healing so we should include everything that does damage.

    While technically this is true, I think most hunters are tuned into the dps side of things, and there are infinite resources on how to do more damage, so I think we are safe in leaving that stuff out, and I think it helps the other stuff to stand out if we do.

    Your thoughts?

  6. You sneaked a comment in on me! 😉

  7. ihlos you really need to get some forums on here for theory crafting discussions. I bet we could really get things shaking :).

  8. I hate to say it but as far as scopes go the one that gives the best result to your pet would be and still is the accurascope (so long as your not hit capped).

  9. indeed zwicky, I should include the old one too

  10. I’ll definitely agree that the crit scope will provide more crits than the haste scope, I just enjoy playing devil’s advocate. =)

  11. I appreciate it. You guys always help me see everything from a different perspective, and I really appreciate that!

    Whats the phrase? Iron sharpens Iron.

  12. I agree about the forum bit =D

    Zwicky, being hit capped was very easy in TBC without that scope. And unless there’s a new accurascope with more hit rating (which haven’t been discovered as of yet), the TBC version gives far less statpoints than the new crit scope. If you need hit rating, it’s better to use hit gems.

    There’s also a boot enchant with +12 hit / +12 crit called Icewalker that isn’t in the list;

    I didn’t think anyone used thottbot any longer ^^ What with curse and wowhead both being far superior in every aspect, unless you just plain and simply like a white background 😉

  13. I like wowhead, its got alot of stuff thottbot doesn’t, but I use them all, because each one has stuff the others don’t.

    Thott bot for items also works really well with snapshots (wordpress link preview), it just shows the item instead of the whole page, so its really handy. Wowhead’s javascript doesn’t work on wordpress =(

    Also thottbot’s audience always leaves useful comments (as well as some not so useful). wowhead is often lacking in the comment department. Also, I just like the way thottbot is organized for certain tasks.

    So, I use a combination of both, whichever I think is best for whatever im doing at the moment. The same goes for my links.

    Plus, I had no idea people thought thott was old hat 😉

    The crit scope might be better bang for your buck, but it could be a better choice if you are using your gem slots to stack stamina. Crit may proc gftt and cobra, but I usually dont need focus, and im not always doing my shot rotation during tanking, so cobra won’t proc a whole lot.

  14. I was thinking along the same lines as ihlos’s last paragraph there. I was going to gem for Stam/AP/Agil and get hit from that scope. Crit and Haste just dont have the same bonus to pets that hit / stam / AP do.

  15. Thottbot is really old, and it feels like it hasn’t been updated since I first used it 4 years ago when it was the best database out there.
    The comment system there is just filled with immature preteens talking about “that’s clearly a hunter weapon”.

    Nah, once I learned about wowhead, I never went back to thottbot, apart from when people link to it, like you just did 😉

    Anyhow… about hit rating, I really hope there will be a new accurascope, and I think it will be one some day. I find it strange that it wouldn’t. And only time can tell how easy it will be to get hit capped.

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