Posted by: ihlos | November 19, 2008

Pet Feat: Ahn’Kahet (MT)

I’m working on enchants, gems, glyphs etc. Here’s another feat while you wait 😉


Who: Nordhbane of The Maelstrom (74)
Pet: Umtokk (73->74 Gorilla)
72 Druid (Feral DPS)
74 Priest (Disc Healer)
74 Warrior (Fury)
73 Rogue

Description: I really loved the last boss, Herald Volazj, none of us had done it before, so we didn’t know what to do at ‘instanity’ at first. I just kited everyone around for a while before I realized that they weren’t the same “mobs” on my screen as on my fiancée Ceralas screen. I had a bit of problems with Casanova who time and time again wanted to go bear, but I /shoo’ed him off as the true tank that I am 😉

We had a bit of problems with the third boss, Jedoga Shadowseeker, when after the third add the healer just got splattered in the middle of a phase for no reason that we could see. But it was the first time for everyone, so we didn’t know any of the abilities that he used until we saw them with our own eyes. And luckily we had a druid for combat res.

The pet dinged on the third add on the third boss (which we did last), so it tanked the whole instance, apart from the last 20% of one boss as lvl 73.

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
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