Posted by: ihlos | November 20, 2008

Feats and Achievements

the-nexus I’ve noticed a trend in the submissions that have been coming in from Northrend. The screenshots you have been submitting have sometimes included the Achievement Popup for the completion of the instance. Sometimes I have had to crop them out to make it fit on the page, but I always try to include it, because I think it is telling in more ways than one.

First, it tells me that you didn’t have too much trouble getting a group that was willing to let your pet tank. You’re not having to go through several groups before finding an open minded one. Awesome.

Second, these groups are open to your pet tanking, even though you have never been to that instance before.

Third, you are downing the instance for the first time with a pet. You didn’t need to see it done by another player tank before completing it yourself.

Fourth, it lets us know that you participated in the kill, and you aren’t just zoning in afterwards. Silly? Yes, but there’s always that one skeptic.

Fifth, it’s fun to see friends and guildies get achievements in game, and in the same way it’s fun to celebrate that achievement with you guys!

So, if you have the presence of mind right after a kill to snap that screenie, by all means, please do!

Let the Hunt begin!




  1. When I’ve pugged, it’s been a bit hard to convince them, but at least they have been willing to try. I always ask what they think about the tanking and what can be improved.

    The guild knows my intentions, and on the guild roster for WotLK raiding, they have signed me up as tank instead of ranged DPS.

    Once you’ve played with a hunter tank that knows what he’s doing, I think a lot of people can be easily convinced, but I also think that it can be very easy to destroy this new reputation as hunter tank if they’ve been in an instance with a bad hunter tank. So hopefully, the hunters who love tanking, also understand tanking.

  2. Well, there we go. First person to leave the group because he refused to have a hunter as tank (before we started the instance). Despite having told him I’m one of the guilds tanks for lvl 80.

    guess you really can’t teach an old dog to sit.

  3. When people get skeptical, I tell them what I’ve sucessfully tanked already. If that doesn’t work, I offer to cover their repair bill if things go south. Sure the group might not work out for reasons that have nothing to do with my pet, but I feel it’s worth it to get the chance to change people’s mind.

    Often, you don’t have to be pro to open people’s mind. Simply seeing 4 elites whomp on your pet, while it holds aggro on all of them with ease, is enough to affect most people.

  4. Well, I did tell him that I had tanked all 6 instances prior to Gun’drak (which is my latest feat now), but he simply said “I refuse to go in a group with a hunter pet as tank” and “A pet can’t tank Gun’drak”. I sure proved him wrong… even if he doesn’t know I did.

    If people want to live in the past, I’m not going to offer strangers gold for repairs. I don’t know how horrible they are at playing, might be expensive even though I’ve done a good job.

  5. I totally understand. In my experience, most people refuse to take any money for repairs under any circumstances. But the offer does soften them up a bit.

    But of course there are always going to be people like that. Even in a new expansion where everything is changing, they can’t fathom pet tanking becoming viable.

    I have received a few emails from people saying that sending people here has changed a few minds, mostly in relation to guild members and raid leaders.

    Im just glad my guild is impressed with my pet tanking. I may run into trouble with pugs, but I’ll always be able to run stuff with them.

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