Posted by: ihlos | November 21, 2008

Ask a Rhino: Gems

dragons-eye1 Today’s “Ask a Rhino” concerns gem choice for pet tanking. Good thing Ohta just happens to be a gnome-certified gemologist! And now, without ventriloquism or further ado, we begin.

Mr. Ohta Rhino sir, what gems should I put in my gear to help my pet tank better?

Ohta: Just like enchants, we consider which stats will benefit your pet for tanking, in terms of threat and survivability.

For threat, Hit Rating boosts your pet’s hit rate and therefore helps the pet generate more threat. It also scales to your pet 100%, making it a great choice until you are hit capped. Attack Power scales to your pet by 22% and also increases the pet’s damage and therefore threat.

For survivability, all you get is stamina. Your pet receives about 63% of your stamina if you have all the stamina talents, so the return is pretty decent for the investment. You will slash your dps by choosing stamina gems over Agility, Crit, AP, etc. This is why my master is collecting two sets of gear, so he can mix and match to meet our need in the moment. One will be enchanted/gemmed for dps, the other for tanking.

Here is a list of Northrend gems with AP, Hit, and Stam. To be flexible, I have included some gems with Agi and Crit Rating, as you can’t always get the gem you want when you want it. Agility gives AP, and increases your dps, and Crit Rating will increase your pet’s available focus, so they still do give you some benefit.

Red   Bright Cardinal Ruby 40 AP*
Bright Scarlet Ruby 32 AP
Perfect Bright Bloodstone 28 AP
Bright Bloodstone 24 AP
Blue   Solid Majestic Zircon 30 Stam*
Solid Sky Sapphire 24 Stam
Perfect Solid Chalcedony 21 Stam
Solid Chalcedony 18 Stam
Yellow   Rigid King’s Amber 20 HR*
Rigid Autumn’s Glow 16 HR
Perfect Rigid Sun Crystal 14 HR
Rigid Sun Crystal 12 HR
Purple   Balanced Dreadstone 20 AP, 15 Stam*
Shifting Dreadstone 10 Agi, 15 Stam*
Balanced Twilight Opal 16 AP, 12 Stam
Shifting Twilight Opal 8 Agi, 12 Stam*
Perfect Balanced Shadow Crystal 14 AP, 11 Stam
Perfect Shifting Shadow Crystal 7 Agi, 11 Stam
Balanced Shadow Crystal 12 AP, 9 Stam
Shifting Shadow Crystal 6 Agi, 9 Stam
Green   Vivid Eye of Zul 10 HR, 15 Stam*
Jagged Eye of Zul 10 CR, 15 Stam*
Vivid Forest Emerald 8 HR, 12 Stam
Jagged Forest Emerald 8 CR, 12 Stam
Perfect Vivid Dark Jade 7 HR, 11 Stam
Perfect Jagged Dark Jade 7 CR, 11 Stam
Vivid Dark Jade 6 HR, 9 Stam
Jagged Dark Jade6 CR, 9 Stam
Orange   Pristine Flawless Ametrine 20 AP, 10 HR*
Wicked Flawless Ametrine 20 AP, 10 CR*
Glinting Flawless Ametrine 10 Agi, 10 HR*
Pristine Monarch Topaz 16 AP, 8 HR
Wicked Monarch Topaz 16 AP, 8 CR
Glinting Monarch Topaz 8 Agi, 8 HR
Perfect Pristine Huge Citrine 14 AP, 7 HR
Perfect Wicked Huge Citrine 14 AP, 7 CR
Perfect Glinting Huge Citrine 7 Agi, 7 HR
Pristine Huge Citrine 12 AP, 6 HR
Wicked Huge Citrine 12 AP, 6 CR
Glinting Huge Citrine 6 Agi, 6 HR
Meta   Austere Earthsiege Diamond 32 Stam, %2 Increased armor value from items.
Effulgent Skyflare Diamond 32 Stam, Reduce spell damage taken by 2%
Powerful Earthsiege Diamond 32 Stam, Stun duration reduced by 10%
Powerful Earthshatter Diamond 26 Stam, Stun duration reduced by 10%
Invigorating Earthsiege Diamond 42 AP, 50% chance on crit to be healed for 2% of your health
Persistant Earthsiege Diamond 42 AP, Stun duration reduced by 10%
Persistant Earthshatter Diamond 34 AP, Stun duration reduced by 10%
Prismatic     Bright Dragon’s Eye 54 AP* (Jewelcrafting only)
Rigid Dragon’s Eye 27 HR* (Jewelcrafting only)
Solid Dragon’s Eye 41 Stam* (Jewelcrafting only)

*These entries do not yet have thottbot links, which I prefer to use for items, temporarily wowhead links.

Thanks for asking,

If you have any questions for Ohta, email them to me!



  1. Stamina stackers should note that powerful earthsiege diamond requires three blue gems.

  2. Perhaps I missed it because I’m tipsy, but Dragon’s Eye are Jewelcrafter only, might want to add that.

  3. Good call, totally forgot to append that. I try to look these things over, but its so easy to just miss things no matter how many times you look at it. Thanks man

  4. What are you talking about wowhead is much better than thottbot! πŸ˜›

  5. Yeah, I wasn’t going to say it but you kinda walked into this one; the wordpress snapshot mouseovers are a little clunky for item and ability links. In no time flat you can make it so you can use the wowhead ones like on wowinsider, bigredkitty and the like.

    It took our guild’s forum guy about a minute and now we have those nice links in our forum.

    I’ve never really used thottbot much, but I’d guess they’d have something similar if you prefer them.

  6. wowhead is better but i’m in work and wowhead is block…Thottbot isn’t, keep thottbot lol.
    Just recently found this blog and i’m loving it!
    TY for the great daily read and keeping my hunter happy πŸ™‚

  7. I like both. Durante, I actually looked at doing powered by wowhead first, because it is way cooler in my opinion, I wasn’t able to make the script work with wordpress. If you know something I don’t please let me know.

    Perhaps I will give it another shot now that I’m more familiar with the interface.

    also, you can disable the snap shots, but I’m fairly sure I can’t. Again let me know if you know how to get around that.

    @eresin, glad you like the blog πŸ˜‰ just happy to be of service!

  8. Ok, this is good discussion. I am digging around. Supposedly wowhead links worked on wordpress blogs at some point. The instructions seem out of date at best. I have figured out how to disable snapshots, and will do so if i can manage to get powered-by-wowhead working. I’ll keep snooping around and try to make it work =)

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