Posted by: ihlos | November 21, 2008

Pet Feat: Violet Hold (MT)


Who: Nordhbane of The Maelstrom (75)
Pet: Umtokk (75 Gorilla)
74 Mage
75 Priest (Disc Healer)
75 Priest (Shadow)
73 Rogue

Comments: A Black Morass-like instance. Pure dps race, very easy. Not sure if the two first bosses are random, but we got a big corehound as the first one. Make sure you move the pet out of the fire on the ground. Otherwise it was pure tank and spank. We just let the pet stomp the adds and kept killing the main guys.

A tip, Cyanigosa does a teleport like Azuregos, the new disengage is perfect for getting to ranged

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
-Durante of Hydraxis (77), with Bubbles (76 Gorilla) Other group members 77 Ret pally, 76 enhance shaman, 75 Marks hunter, 74 Holy Paladin.

Everything ran very smoothly with only an occasional problem with the healer having been previously ret and had only healed once before; we wiped to the first boss while he was trying to fix his health bars. I noticed that the begining that Bubbles’ health was getting low even with mend pet and the T5 bonus until after the second portal when the healer asked “Wait, is his pet really the tank?” He thought we were joking when we told him my pet was tanking and he has a policy against healing pets, so I had been solo healing for the first two portals.

Bubbles was able to tank most of the adds by keeping him close to the portal and having him charge in at the begining and Thunderstomp with the rest of our group well back to ensure he had the initial aggro. Any adds that got through while Thunderstomp was on cooldown the other hunter killed.

-Moonhammer of Eonar (EU), with Leclerc (75 Gorilla) Grouped with a 76 Holy Paladin, 80 Rogue, 80 MM Hunter, 74 Death Knight. I have 2 pieces of T5 i use when tanking (head and shoulders), Leggings of Beastmastery, Halberd of Desolation and some pvp items for extra hitpoints.
At level 75 my pet has 12k hitpoints and 17k armor, but when the dps is high and the healer can handle it i switch some pieces of gear for more hitrating and AP so my pet has better threat generation. I usually ask my groupmates if they are holding back but even the lvl 80 players can nuke all they want on bosses. There is just one class i have trouble with keeping aggro against multiple targets, Death Knights are really driving me crazy, their aoe always gives them aggro.


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