Posted by: ihlos | November 24, 2008

Ghostly Hydra and Ooze

ooze I had heard rumors of the ghostly hydra, ghostly crocolisk, and oozeling, but I had wanted to wait until rumors had been confirmed.

Petopia has verified that these three anomalies do exist. Article here, info on how to tame

The thing is, these three creatures all fancy themselves crocolisks. This makes sense for the ghostly croc, but the hydra and ooze are a mystery. I would add these to my page, but I doubt they will last long once that start getting attention.

So welcome our new additions to the tenacity family, temporary though they may be. And if the ghost wolf has taught us anything, its that if you want one of these, get it fast, before they get fixt.

Let the Hunt begin!



  1. Great tip, sadly though the quest you summon them with is a random daily and its a different one today(atleast on my server). Hopefully they won’t fix this before the quest comes around again.

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