Posted by: ihlos | November 24, 2008

Pet Feat: Gundrak (MT)

As I mentioned before I am including screenshots for second submissions. Keep up the good work guys!


Who: Durante of Hydraxis (78)
Pet: Bubbles (78 Gorilla)
78 Enhancement Shaman
77 Holy Paladin
80 DPS Feral Druid
76 Demo Warlock

Details: Went into the instance without any prior knowledge of it but things worked out fairly well regardless. We had 5 or so individual deaths over the course of the instance but no wipes. All the deaths were either from pulling multiple groups or getting killed by unexpected abilities; our enhancement shaman says one type of mob reflects melee damage and on another pull our healer got punted into the water with some aggressive fish. The boss encounters went off without a hitch.

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
-Nordhbane of The Maelstrom (76), with Umtokk (75-76 Gorilla)


Group: 78 Mage, 75 Priest (Disc healer) 76 Priest (Shadow) 76 Shaman
Description: This instance was really easy. The only hard part was the mage that was 2-3 levels above my pet. And he often started with blizzard the moment my pet got to the first mob of the pack. He was a bit trigger happy overall, but we managed to make him survive until the last 20% of the last boss when he turned into a rhino. He planned on using IB after the boss had hit him once… but the rhino hit him for 12K and instakilled him. =)

-Eringobragh of Farstriders (78), with Finn (78 Gorilla) Grouped with a 78 Druid (Balance), 76 Pally (Protection), 76/77 Pally (Retention)

After waiting for 20 minutes for a healer to join us, we decided to clear a few mobs sans healer. I suggest letting the pet tank to avoid player deaths and let our Protection Pally help heal until the healer is ready for a summon. The mobs are going down easy with me, the Boomkin and Ret Pally AoEing like crazy. The Protection Pally is considering a career change when he sees the heals he is putting out (until I explain the +50% healing on my gorilla). All the snakes are dead, “Oh look a boss.” Why not? So we throw caution to the wind and attack Slad’ran. His health drops rapidly to 33%, but the last third takes twice as long as everyone but Finn and the Boomkin are wrapped in snake bubbles. Still easy fight all and all.

Ok guess we move on. Few more easy mob clears and we are to the Drakkari Colossus. I was thinking wipe for sure, but the fight was over almost before it started. Finn held up great, holding aggro on the Colossus and the elemental summons while we stood at range and fired at will.

Half way to Moorabi, the healer is ready for a summon. “Thanks but no thanks.” We are having too much fun. Moorabi goes down quicker than the last 2 bosses and drops the plate chest. Ret pally says, “let the gorilla tank have it.” Yep, good stuff.

We get all the way to the stairs before the final boss, before we have our first and only player death. The Boomkin is feeling cocky (we all are at this point), and pulls the Rhino we are not tanking. I don’t catch it right away and Boomkin goes splat. Pally quickly resurrects and on to Gal’darah. I send in the pet with a Mend and Bestial wraith, pop my Misdirect, Scorpid Sting and drums of battle and fire away. Finn never goes below 30% as both the pally and i keep the heals up.

Four players all in the level range of the dungeon- None Healer Specced. Wow. Only advice, keep up the Mends and Misdirects.



  1. Durante, where does the name Bubbles come from? It’s so cute and ill fitting for a big nasty gorilla ^^ But then again, perhaps it’s just my gorilla that’s big and nasty. He ate half my Gronnstalker set yesterday. Oh well, back to looking completely random.

  2. I’m totally stoaked by all these pets tanking instances 🙂 I’ve only just recently found the light with the gorilla, having been a kitty hunter since day 1.
    I am just loving it so much, not confident enough to have him tank an instance though, but I feel very proud that we are having more of a place in groups now.
    Keep up the fab work gorillas!

  3. eresin, start with tanking instances that are slightly below you in level if you don’t feel that confident. And make sure you have a proper healer with you, and not just a shadow priest that’s substituting as healer for the moment.

    It’s the best way to build up confidence and learn the ropes of tanking. Also make sure you’re willing to actually spend cash on nerfing your dps. With that I mean gemming and enchanting for the pet, and not for you.

    When leveling, start thinking about getting two sets of gear. One for dps and one for tanking. I’ve only just started replacing my gear at lvl 77-78, and at the moment I’m mostly thinking about tanking gear. But once I start running lvl 80 instances regularly I will kit up a dps set for raids when I’m not needed as tank.

  4. thanks for the advice!!

  5. Novelist and video blogger John Green of the Vlogbrothers was asked what would he name a pet monkey, he responded Bubbles the Nerdfighting Monkey. Unfortunately there isn’t enough room for the full name.

  6. Hehe, good inspiration =)

  7. I’ve used a ravager in TBC due to its high dps, but since wotlk I’ve been strictly using a gorilla. I know its not a ferocity pet but in most instances the gorilla’s dps is pretty even and sometimes higher than that of of other hunters with ferocity pets. I guess it’s due to the aoe damage. At any rate the gorilla seems like the only pet I will ever need.

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