Posted by: ihlos | November 26, 2008

Ask a Rhino: Glyphs

glyph Today’s “Ask a Rhino” is a discussion of the various hunter glyphs and how they relate to pet tanking and other common hunter tasks. And now, without ventriloquism or further ado, we begin.

Mr. Ohta Rhino sir, what do you think of the different glyphs as they apply to pet tanking?

Ohta: Long before the knowledge of magical symbols became common, I studied them enthusiastically. Sadly the study was never personally practical, owing to my hooves and lack of opposable thumbs, but one can always find a helpful gnome to lend a hand. Those little guys are crazy! I get so nervous when they run in and around my legs…

Glyphs? Oh, right. Several of the glyphs are useful for pet tanking, but I would not consider all of them to be vital for pet tanking. Let discuss some of the more relevant ones.

Glyph of Aspect of the Beast – If you use aspect of the beast often, you may want to use this glyph. The extra attack power will boost your pet’s threat, although the amount won’t be too noticeable.

Glyph of Bestial Wrath – If you feel you need more pet threat, this glyph is a better choice than the last glyph. Combined with the Longevity talent, this makes Bestial Wrath available once or even twice on every pull, and more often during boss fights. On top of the added threat from increased damage, the CC immunity of Bestial Wrath prevents your pet from getting shutdown by otherwise debilitating CC effects.

Glyph of Deterrence – If you find yourself getting aggro alot, you might be considering this glyph. I would suggest that the cooldown will not be significantly reduced. If you are in need of Deterrence often, I would look to improving technique over taking this glyph.

Glyph of Feign Death – Feign Death is a great tool to control your own threat in relation to your pet’s. It can be useful when trying a tricky pull, when you want to open up dps, or when the group is going down. Having it up again quick can be very useful.

Glyph of Freezing Trap – Using CC on top of tanking takes extra focus, but can really help a fight go alot smoother, especially if your group is light on the CC. Since the talents to improve Freezing Trap are out of reach for the hunter build suggested here, this can be a great way to make trapping a little smoother.

Glyph of Mend Pet – Just thinking about this glyph gives me warm, fuzzy feelings. If your pet dies, you can spam mend pet to raise its happiness level instantly, which is great if you don’t have growl (Guard Dog) on, and is a good supplement if you do. Its useful, but optional. If you don’t have Guard Dog, it becomes more valuable.

Glyph of Possessed Strength – This glyph speaks for itself. When using Eyes of the Beast, you lose the ablility to control your hunter. This extra damage can help make up for some of that. It also helps if you are using EotB to make the initial pull, since you won’t be able to misdirect right away.

Glyph of Revive Pet – This glyph is very beneficial to pet tanking. If your pet goes down and you are second on threat, you can take hits while you revive your pet, and then once its healed, use Taunt to get the pet’s threat back up to the top of the list. Repeat as many times as cooldowns will allow.

Glyph of Volley – Aoe grinding isn’t instance tanking, but it’s still tanking. Use this glyph to reduce mana cost and down time if needed. You may not find that you need the extra mana.

Remember, at 80 you have 3 major glyphs and 3 minor glyphs, so it shouldn’t be too hard to choose 😉

Thanks for asking,



  1. I haven’t had a chance to test it yet, but I’ve been thinking that since pet spell damage scales with the hunter’s ranged AP and not the pet’s melee AP that scorpids and gorillas might generate more TPS in Dragonhawk than in Beast. If that’s the case it would make Aspect of the Beast and its glyph pretty useless.

  2. Interesting. I think you may be right. Not that the glyph is all that useful in the first place. I, er i mean ohta, included it since it would seem to be good, but my…ohta’s… opinion of it is pretty low.

  3. Aye, I’m pretty sure Durante is right. Growl is based purely on the hunters RAP. Things like Stomp is based on the pets spell damage (are there any buffs for +spell damage except for food?).

    Eyes of the Beast glyph is really fun. I did 2.4K non-crit stomp on my girlfriend in a duel with it 😉 She didn’t have the patience to wait for 1½ minute every 2 stomps to see if I could get a crit though.

  4. Ah, forgot to say, those 1½ minutes was of course for waiting for Kill Command, Bestial Wrath and Trinket.

  5. The problem with hunter glyphs are, there are 4 or 5 really nice major glyphs and as far as I am concerned no really decent minor ones.

    FD glyph? meh. 30 second rotations are fine..oo 5 seconds off. (of course those last 5 seconds when you need it are really long..heh)

    Mend pet? meh. I have guard dog or some such on all my pets. I hardly have to feed them now. Oh and feeding them the Pet bonus food also gives a little bit of happiness and IIRC can be done in combat.

    Never used Aspect of beast or Eyes of beast to attack anyone..ever.

  6. Mend pet might be useful if you instance a lot and have growl off. I find myself never carrying around food for my gorilla, and then slightly panicking in the middle of an instance when the happiness drops. You can spam growl manually or turn it on for a little while, but perhaps the glyph would make things simpler. I don’t know, will have to try and find out which I prefer.

  7. Gracejones, If you can’t turn on growl mid fight, then your tank is horrible at generating aggro. Not to mention, your pet should be able to handle getting aggro from one mob 😉

    Only 10 growls and your happiness goes from 0 to full. And it’s never down at 0 I hope 😉

  8. No that stuff isn’t an issue. 🙂

    I was just pointing, perhaps circuitously, that having the mend pet glyph to provide for happiness (in certain situations) may be simpler than dealing with turning growl on and off. At least for my playing style, that is.

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