Posted by: ihlos | November 27, 2008

Pet Feat: Utgarde Pinnacle (MT)

Happy Thanksgiving and happy hunting to all!


Who: Nordhbane of The Maelstrom (78)
Pet: Umtokk (78 Gorilla)
78 Druid (Feral dps)
77 Priest (Disc Healer)
78 Priest (Shadow)
78 Rogue

Details: This was a very fun instance with lots of different elements, from ordinary tank and spank animal bosses, to a gauntlet where you have to fire harpoons, to a pack before the last boss that loves to fear you into the boss >.<

The first boss was way too easy, killing the adds before a person gets sacrificed was a joke, they had way too low HP. The gauntlet was fun, but the boss itself hurt quite a bit when he did his whirlwind. If we hadn’t killed him on the first attempt we would have done it a bit different I think.

At the last boss, our rogue disconnected right after the pull, so we basically did it 4 man. He hits really hard, and my pet get squished at around 18%. So I brought him back to life, kited the boss around while dps:ing. Even had to sacrifice my fiancée Celara, but he went down in the end.

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