Posted by: ihlos | December 3, 2008

Pet Feat: Naxxramas 10 – Spiderwing (OT)

Our first submission of Northrend raid content! I think it will be common to see hunters taking on the off-tanking roles during progression. Keep up the good work!


Who: Nordhbane of The Maelstrom (80)
Pet: Umtokk (80 Gorilla)
Group: Full Raid Group
Role: Off tank. Other tanks: Feral Druid, Prot Warrior

Details: Tanked Trash and Faerlina
There’s lots of small groups perfect for AoE tanking in the trash in Naxx-Spiderwing. I just sent the gorilla in with BW and let those numbers fly all over the screen. It was beautiful. The trash is kinda lame though. Easily outhealed.

I can’t really say that off tanking Faerlinas adds were much of a problem either. My role was to off-tank the next kill target, while another off-tank just kept them busy elsewhere. I’m quite sure my gorilla would have been able to hold them all at once.

What I did was to send it in on our first kill target and dps’ed it down myself in time for Faerlinas first enrage. After that was done I picked up a new target and did the same, keeping an eye on the HP so that it didn’t die too early. The last mob died a few seconds early, so we had to deal with an enrage in the end. To prevent the tank from dying I popped shield wall and taunted Faerlina to give the tank a few seconds to get back to full HP. She hits REALLY hard when she’s enraged. The tank died anyhow at about 4%, but the last tank picked it up and we managed to nuke the last couple of percent off without any other problems.

Note: Pets cannot take hateful strikes on Patchwerk. Who knew that sometimes being immune to some abilities can be a bad thing, eh? Was meant for both me and another tank to soak those strikes.

Instead of a screenshot for the fight, here’s a video, in WeGame, Youtube and full quality from my own site:

…well actually, youtube is being really slow, so I’m gonna send that one when it’s done =P It’s 2:20 AM and I’m off to bed.

Other Hunters that have completed this feat:
No additional submission to date



  1. Use this link instead for the movies:

  2. I was in Naxx 25 last night. My gorilla saved the tanks ass on every single boss in Spiderwing with RoS. All three had times where the tank had less HP left before getting heals than my Gorilla soaked at the time. One kite-phase on the bug-what’s-his-name, one enrage on Faerlina, and finally on Maex at enrage and webbing.

    Despite this, the guild seem to want me to go dps instead now… =/

  3. Were they aware that you prevented the wipes?

    If you do go dps, every time the tank dies, openly wish you still had RoS in your build 😉
    Just kidding. Yeah, I get mixed reactions too. Some love pet tanking, and others, while amazed at the capabilities of the pet, still would prefer I stick to the ‘main role’ of my class.

    You can always focus on dps, but still be ready to make a quick trip to the city to respec, get a gear set, and swap out a pet. That way when the group loses a tank, or things get dicey, you can step in and fill the void.

  4. They are indeed aware. And I think it will be like that, two sets, have to spend 50G for respecs, but doubtful that they are openminded enough to have me as tank anyway. Even though I’ve been handling the role really well.
    They say they have too many tanks already anyhow…

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