Posted by: ihlos | December 4, 2008

Pet Feat: Ahn Kahet – Heroic (MT)

Our first heroic post, hopefully they all won’t be this annoying. =)


Who: Nordhbane of The Maelstrom (80)
Pet: Umtokk (80 Gorilla)
80 Druid (Feral dps/Off-Tank)
80 Priest (Holy Healer)
80 Shaman (Elemental)
80 Rogue

Details: Oh what a headache. Trash is horrible. Mobs that do 10K spells through walls instead of running into line of sight where they can be CC’ed should just be banned. >.<

Herald Volazj was so bloody hard. Holy priests on insanity is the worst thing Blizzard ever invented. There’s not enough dps to kill them. There’s only one way to do it. Be lucky with snake trap and mind numbing poison, Intimidation off cooldown to interupt the greater heal. And hope to God that you can remove the renew with Tranq shot and that the priest doesn’t reapply it, but goes for another greater heal instead so you can kill it while s/he’s casting. The rest of the group was easy to kill. Just put down a freeze trap below the priest before insanity, kill off the first target. Shoot a freezing arrow on the priest again, and by the time s/he’s out of the freezetrap, you’re just killing your third target. Then it’s just you and the holy priest. What you can do then is either try and kill it, or just stand there regenerating mana. Both you and the pet can get to full HP and mana and wait out insanity. But it’s of course better if you can kill it and help the rest of the group.

After 3 hours of Ahn’kahet, I don’t wanna go there again, ever.. if only it were for the tanking gloves dropping from the second boss =P

The screenshot is just 2 seconds before the boss dies, and just as my pet dies =P
PS. Youtube link to Faerlina (Link promised in last submission)

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