Posted by: ihlos | December 5, 2008

Some off topic business

wrench WordPress released a new version of its dashboard (what i use to create and manage the site). Of course, looking at everything in a new light has brought some new stuff to my attention, so I would like to take a break from the usual content to talk about the workings of the site.

icon – I now have a picture associated with my site. Its the same icon I usually use, but now its formally tied to the site, which means it shows up in more places, which is fun. I still have my gravatar (globaly recognized avatar). A gravatar is a picture associated with an email address. Everytime you use that email address to leave a comment on a gravatar-enabled blog or forum, it will use the icon. It’s easy to sign up and it works here and on all your favorite blogs. I would encourage everyone to sign up, as it fosters a tighter sense of community.

no-spam– Every couple of days, this blog gets hit with spam in the form of comments with advertising. For this reason I have the spam filter enabled. This means that occasionally some of your comments are witheld pending moderation. The most common reason for this is when you use links in your comments. Currently I have set the link limit to ‘2’. In other words, if you use 3 or more links in your comment, it will delay posting until I approve it. By default the setting only allows one link, so we will see how this works out. If we start seeing spam comments, i’ll have to put it back. Remember that you still can include as many links as you want, you just won’t see them posted immediately.

– If you see something that looks a little funky, it’s probably just a result of me getting used to the new version of the dashboard, since its completely different. Let me know if anything looks funky.

– I recently tried to get javascript enabled on the site. doesnt allow it for security reasons. Unfortunately this means I cant use the script that enables “powered by wowhead” linking. There are a few exceptions to the rule, most notably youtube, so I have officially requested that the wowhead script be added to the list of exceptions. It seems they really do listen to suggestions, so if you are the vocal type, feel free to send them an email letting them know you think this would be a good idea 😉 Contact wordpress, Powered by wowhead.

So that’s that, no more business for a while I promise 🙂


Let the Hunt begin!



  1. Is there a way to track if there’s new posts, new comments or something else that has changed on posts?

  2. Ya know, I think there is a way to get feed from a post in particular, but I havent really gotten into that, as I haven’t needed to. Hopefully someone can lay that knowledge on ya.

    If its concerning your own feats, and you want to be notified when I post it, just let me know and I’ll send you an email when I post it.

  3. Nah, it’s any and all updates, including comments ;P

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