Posted by: ihlos | December 8, 2008

Pet Feat: Utgarde Keep – Heroic (MT)


Who: Nordhbane of The Maelstrom (80)
Pet: Umtokk (80 Gorilla)
80 Rogue
80 Priest (Disc Healer)
80 Priest (Shadow)
80 Hunter

Details: Fairly straight forward instance. The first trash is probably the hardest since they patrol so irregulary. With two hunters, one with readiness, we were able to do a really good work at CC:ing with traps. Had to switch a lot back and forth on passive/defensive during the pulls throughout the instance, and with vent running, it was quite easy.

The hardest boss for a hunter tank is the second one. We tried killing the clothie first, and that didn’t work since it becomes quite powerful when it resurrects. Then we tried killing the tank first, and that didn’t work too well either since my pet couldn’t hold aggro on the undead version of him. So in the end we went with the shadow priest healing as well as the disc priest and we killed both of them at quite much the same time. First we took down the tank to 40%, and then everyone except for me switched to the clothie. We made this so I could dispel the enrage that the tank does. It’s a real killer.

The last boss was much easier than I expected. You’re supposed to make sure he’s turned away from the rest of the group, this is especially important in phase 2 when he resurrects. So at the cutscene I went and stood on the other side of him to make sure he turned the right way. The auto-move-to-back feature is really bad here since when he does some kind of AoE casting, he doesn’t target anyone, so the pet goes and stands on the “wrong” side of him, so I had to run over and reposition him again when he did that. I really wish they could make things like that toggle-able. I hate that feature just as much as I hate the new version of defensive.

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
-Kurasu of Emerald Dreams EU (80) with Panzer (80 Turtle)
-BearBehind of Thunderhorn EU (80) with Bananaman (80 Gorilla)
-Demonisher of Rexxar EU (80) with Kibo (80 Gorilla)
Grouped with 80 Druid, 80 Priest, 80 Rogue, 80 Mage. Since I wanted to have my girlfriend by my side (druid) but I felt, that she couldn´t handle the healing all by herself, we set off with an uncommon 2 healers / 3 DDs setup. Kibo tanked the whole instance as MT.

Trash was no big deal with sheep and sap – icetrap was just another option most of the time.. let´s call it “insurance”. With 2 healers and my T5-bonus, Kibo also was able to take on 2-3 Mobs at once in case things got tricky.

The only encounter we had trouble with, was the second boss – had 3 wipes there.
First try: wanted to take down the clothy first – wasn´t a good idea (read your advice AFTERWARDS… of course ^^)
Second try: we killed the melee – much better this way.. but our priest had a disconnect. In addition, the mage was so much into dealing damage to the boss, that he didn´t care about the numerous mobs getting on our druid´s nerves ^^
Third try: actually… I messed up – shame on me 😉 Was too slow on taunting when the melee returned in ghostform.. just two-hitted our druid.
That was enough – so we downed them on the fourth try without further problems.

Endboss was no big deal – just dispelled as often as CD ran out on tranqshot and turned Ingvar away from the group when Kibo tried to get in his back from time to time.

Was a great run and I´m looking forward to go on with the next heroic




  1. Demonisher, yes, that second bossfight is a bitch, isn’t it? =P

  2. Yep.. it truly is -.-
    Our last try was okay, but compared to the other encounters, this fight is MUCH more difficult.
    Kibo tanked the “melee ghost” most of the second part of the fight, since the clothy makes so many randomcasts anyways. We kind of nuked the clothy while our rogue kicked and Kibo stunned him.

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