Posted by: ihlos | December 8, 2008

Snowball Democracy

snowball Ok, so lets talk about snow. It is the holiday season, and the wonderful folks at wordpress who make this blog and its free hosting possible have offered me a “falling snow” effect for a limited time (until jan 4) , to put on my site.

Basically it’s little white ‘snowflakes’ (read: white dots) that gently float down the screen. It’s not overdone, and so not too distracting, in my opinion.

So instead of making the decision for myself, i’ll pass the buck on to you, in the name of democracy. Thinly veiled cop out? You bet, but it gives me a chance to try out another feature i’ve been itching to implement, and that is the polling feature. So flex your ‘vote’ below, and on friday i’ll turn the snow on if it gets the majority of the votes.

Let the Hunt….i mean…VOTE begin!



  1. Why not? It’s a small temporary fun thing. 🙂

  2. Personally I’m against fluff on websites. I want them clean and readable. Not some javascript feature a la ’95.

  3. I have it on mine. Some people like it, but I’m seeing a resource spike on my processor.

  4. After seeing it on your page Loronar, I’m even more convinced of my previous opinion. =)

    • Poor Nordh, votes are not in your favor =) I’ll only be keeping it through christmas, so it will be up for less than two weeks. I’ll keep the poll open in case of snow-revolt, if the results reverse ill turn it off =)

  5. I love it… and I just realized you can control the snow with your mouse!

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